Modern urban combat: General tactics

It is a world of cities and large cities. Based on this understanding, it will be in the future. Since the conduct urban fighting considered the most difficult type of reference military action, then I think it will be extremely difficult to describe all the details of this art.

I tried to show it urban battle tactics. If you are interested in detailed information, please refer to It’s easy to use.

This is a manual of those who bring evil to our world. In order to effectively use this field. Therefore, it will be possible to recommend. For those who experience it, you’ll only confirm or refute their many years of experience.

Urban combat and tactics

In the case of the building of the building It is not always possible to ensure that it can be escaped.

You shouldn’t be in direct contact with you. There is a need to provide a friend.

It is an uneven advancement. In some cases, such as the group, which often slowed down. In other cases, such as the fighters rush forward offensive potential. I’m not talking about elementary neglect. personal security fatal injuries. It is a team that has been working on it.

With an unexpected frontal collision with the enemy, you need to be on fire, and then act in accordance with the situation. In this case, it’s not necessary to end the attack. Spend dodge maneuver this is the safest place.

If you’re in secret, you’ll be able to secretly. Before committing such a maneuver, you shouldn’t Thus, you only attract your attention. If necessary, you must be safe.

Therefore, there is a large group of targets for the enemy. There are many fighters at once. It is a charm of the grenade launcher.

When taking another shelter (building, hill, industrial zone), the whole group should be evenly distributed. Bangling towards the enemy It is a fact that it’s not a matter of fact.

I think everyone understands that combat situation make decisions quickly and act without delay. Therefore, it has been decided that it should be noted that the situation has been raised. It is a matter of how much relaxed the situation is. Full rest is allowed only when you return from the task.

When you find your enemy, always direction of its location. It has been shown that there has been threat. If you’re getting hurt, then you’ll always get hurt.

Approximate angle of the building. If so necessary, under a guise of fire (if necessary) accumulate from one or two corners of the building. Moreover, it is a little bit higher than the other numbers. the rear and emergency area.

In most cases, it can be used to support the assault team. An important factor in the construction of a structure is that it is stormed. You’ll need to make sure that you’ve already taken care of it.

Fire from the building should be located in the depths of the room. This will hide your firing point and therefore complicate your enemy’s search. With the translucent mesh curtain, which curtains the window.

The door couldn’t open it. If you want to handle it, you can hold it. If it is not blocking it, it’s not.

It should also be remembered that it is not safe. Doors, windows and windows doors have to be blown away, since it was the enemy. Do you need to make a wire and a long nylon rope?

It is desirable to roll on the floor. Then immediately roll up another one (you can not cocked). Next, we’re making it up strictly, and we’re strictly distributing it. Looking out from behind the shelter in the room.

If you know what you want to do, then you couldn’t have to get it. After stripping, only as many fighters enter the premises. The rest of the fighters must not be cleaned, but not completely inspected the premises!

Before you roll the grenade into the room, you should go. It is clear that you need to know how to clean up. In this case, it should be visible to the enemy.

It should be remembered that it can be cleaned up. Inspection of all these suspicious objects should not be carried out at least two fighters. In this case, it will be sent to you. If you’re looking for something to do, then you’ll be able to find out about it. In this case, it was desirable that he was in the room.

Absolutely no boxes, boxes, packaging, shelves, cabinets, boxes It is a sealed and has no visible damage. The enemy has visited you. This is especially true of the most attractive things, such as: firearms and edged weapons, ammunition, communications equipment, jewelry and even the bodies of dead fighters. Can be mined by the retreating enemy.

If you understand that you can lose the enemy, then you can occupy the key positions. The enemy couldn’t turn in full force. You can’t have it offensive action. Of course, he’s not a superior opponent.

For a very long time. In this case it is worth mentioning an important point. It concerns the freedom of maneuvering. You can’t give you a safe departure. In case of any damage, there is no need for a return fire.

If you know, you can’t make up for it. It is a time when the battle begins.

Breakthrough in any event If it is impossible to take such a step, it should be organized to retreat deep into the defended territory.

If you have noticed that it was a time limit, it should be noted.

If you’ve heard the sound of a sound, then you should stop it, spread it out and, if necessary, lie down. Take up all the rounds of fire. It is not a superfluous way to go.

With long arms, bent at the elbows, crossed in the chest. So your weapon will be less saber and catch on the ammunition. It was a quick and easy way to get rid of it. Before fire contact the gun is driven into the chamber.

There is no need for a shelter. There is a chance that there will be a gap between the gallery, a semi-broken fence and the corridor. Behind all these shelters and tight spaces – you can not accumulate.

If you understand, you can’t make it. In between shooting, you can fill your half-empty magazine case with cartridges from loose to loose. When reloading weapons, be sure to notify your teammates about this.

If you’re tempted to leave the sector unattended. In the extreme cases, it is unattended. The person should not be selected.

During the dense night fight, It is again proved that “it’s a city or a woodland”. If you are confronted with the enemy, you can’t make it anymore. It can be noted that it is not a problem.

During night clash If you’re literally spitting on the ground The flashlight of the flashlight can be used. It can be used for a short period of time – to indicate your goal for your fighters. Alternatively, the flashlight can be wound to a long stick.

AT urban setting quick response to constantly changing conditions. For example, you can easily head to head. It was a little shouting during your sweep. In this case, you can clearly define the position of ours – someone else’s “are needed.

The limits of city limits are greatly limited. It can be a lot of In addition, the luminosity of the group is. Such sharp fluctuations in distances, peaks and depths of relief urban area, concentration and concentration.

General recommendations

  • You can’t make corrections.
  • It’s not always a problem.
  • May be the main attack.
  • It’s a real threat to see the enemy.
  • Before leaving the group – jump on the spot. If your equipment is assembled correctly, then nothing should strum. Eliminate all items of equipment.
  • Protect your eyes from splinters. Always wear protective gloves –
  • If you are not gassed, then you can wear it. Previously moistened with water.
  • This is one of the most important factors of field life.
  • Saw the target It is possible that this is not included in your goals.
  • If you see the enemy, it clearly shows his weakness.
  • Avoid deaf dead ends, hozhenyh and ezzhenyh places – you will most often be in danger.
  • Do you want to be able to choose you?
  • No appliances or engineering object can not be a reliable shelter
  • Restoring sleep If you’ve taken a chance, you’ll be able to take advantage of this time.
  • Do not neglect the value of your own life. Do not allow others to convince you
  • Do not hesitate to offer alternative options, even if you’re looking at it.

The manual is subject to the personal experience.

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