Modern weapons of terrorists

It has been confirmed that there has been a situation in the world. to keep up with the thoughts of the villains. It’s possible to analyze the methods of terror.

Portable death

Armedals of the once well-armed armies are accessible to all types of militants. One of the most dangerous acquisitions are airborne defense systems. Although it’s not a flight of the airplanes, it’s taking off and landing. There is a need for a MANPADS such as the Russian “Needles”, which can be up to 3,500 meters. Equipment that can protect aircraft from MANPADS exists.

Some US military transport aircraft are equipped with the DIRCM system. A device weighing about 250 kg was suspended from the target and, as a result, the rocket loses. In the past ten years, there have been prototypes of such systems for civilian aircraft. However, their wide distribution is hampered by the price of the device. Most likely, airlines will be interested in passenger liners using MANPADS become commonplace. I would not like

Jacket bomb

Attempts are in the form of liquids. It is now forbidden to carry containers. Now terrorists are looking for new methods. It was a new weapon for the United States. ).

It can be used to detect it. It all sounds ominous, but there is good news. First, you can sock in the clothes only a few dozen grams. It can be seen. And the secondly, it’s a real-life motorcycle.

A flea market for terrorists

There is a lot of information on the Internet for designers and inventors. But also for people with bad intentions. If you can find the smallpox virus, you can “go out” in a public room. There is no problem with the Internet. It will help you get rid of the toxic substances.

Sewers secrets

It was clear that there was no sign of the triumphant winner. What are you preparing for? Now it seems almost impossible. However, it is important that the vehicle will be carried out. Drops of water flow. They can get into the water, such as nitrotoluene or nitromethane. If something has been found, it will be possible.

Subway air

In 1995, members of the Shumrike sect were murdered 13 people. This story is constantly reminding of the situation. The Department of Homeland Security has been developed. The first is the autonomous system of instant chemical monitoring. The device uses an ion mobility spectrometer in order to detect traces of sarin gases in the air.

It can also be verified that it is possible to ensure that it is a biological attack. The D2P has already been tested.

New word – doxing

This is the doxing. It is a trend for young children. At the same time, the data publisher is, of course, anonymous. For a long time doxing has been used by various “hacktivists” they dislike. For example, the county police chief. It has been confirmed that it has been the name of the hackers. Can be used against politicians and government officials.

Nightmare navigators

If you’re a terrorist, you’ll be able to take control of it. It has been used for targeting weapons. There are a certain number of satellites. He turned into a weapon of terrorists, he turned into a weapon. This is a scattering of peace of mind. . However, it’s possible that the game is worth the candle.

Break through the panic

It’s a real-life overload. It is simply impossible to reach those in the city. And last September, Elbit Systems began testing the WideBridge system. It is necessary to ensure that it can be broken through the alarm system. In the case of a junction, it is not a problem.

How does the robot “tuna”

Not tuna, but barracuda, but not the barracuda; The computer is located on the shore of the vessel. When the robot swims, it moves. The rest of the car remains the stationary.

Modern weapons of terrorists

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