Module for turning a PM into a carbine

Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, part of the Kalashnikov Concern, presented at the ARMS Moscow international exhibition&Hunting 2015 ”, which took place in Gostiny Dvor, its new product. This is about additional module, which allows you to transform a gun at the base PM (Makarov pistol) in the likeness compact carbine. The system created in Izhevsk allows reducing the impact of recoil on shooting results, increase the convenience of holding weapons, and also gives the shooter the opportunity to use with the system a lot of useful additional attachments.

The design of the product presented at the exhibition included seats for the installation of the following additional equipment: a tactical flashlight, sighting devices, holding arms, a laser designator, and so on. The total length of the presented module is 600 mm, adjustment of the shoulder rest – up to 40 mm (adjustment is made without use of special adaptation), height – 210 mm, width – 90 mm. Currently, the FSUE “Izhevsk Mechanical Plant” produces weapons under the brand Baikal, A new development of the enterprise is intended primarily for use with air-based weapons. PM.

Today, Izhevsk Mechanical Plant produces 8 options PM. These are sport-training, sporting, signal, service, gas-balloon and traumatic versions of the popular pistol, which is in service with the army and security forces 1951. The company from the capital of the Udmurt Republic took quite a logical step, releasing a special add-on module, which easily turns The Makarov pistol in self-loading carbines, which looks like a compact version assault rifle or submachine gun.

In the West, this kind of tactical accessory gained fame as Pistol to Carbine Conversion Kit (a set for alteration of the gun in a carbine). In the past few years, a similar set of firmly entered the gun fashion. Mainly due to the manufacturers of weapons and tactical accessories from Israel, such as Tactical, CAA, IWI, FAB Defense.

Additional module for pistol base PM, photo & quot; Izhevsk Mechanical Plant & quot;Additional module for pistol base PM, photo “Izhevsk Mechanical Plant”

Many data company employees are former military personnel Israel Defense Forces, having direct experience of participating in fighting. For this reason, the allegations that this type of body kit is of little use and is intended only to demonstrate “coolness” should not be taken seriously. Similar devices for rework short weapon, owners of pneumatics are also interested today. That is why a number of companies, for example, UMAREX, offer such kits for various replicas of modern combat pistols.

These sets for the transformation of weapons may be particularly interesting in cases where it is necessary to hang on the gun several additional devices at once, for example, collimator sight. An ordinary pistol most often has very limited possibilities for mounting such devices, in addition to this, problems with carrying weapons are automatically manifested. Arrow required special holster or the possibility of lightning installation / disassembly mounted body kit. At the same time, the gun, converted into a small carbine, immediately removes all the issues, especially if there are several Picatinny rail.

At the presented Izhevsk novelty such bars there are two at once: a long one located on the upper side of the casing and a short one on the lower side. On the sample presented by the Udmurt enterprise on Picatinny Rails Front-bipod mounted Grip pod, which increases the convenience of holding weapons during firing and allows you to give the weapon a stable position when firing from a prone position and a mechanical diopter sight of the type found on American rifles M16A4.

But that’s not all. Shooting stability increases due to three row muzzle compensator, located in the upper front of the false and adjustable along the length of the plastic butt. And the increase in the mass of weapons due to the addition of the mass of the transformation module itself and the equipment mounted on it has a positive effect on the results of the shooting. This is due to reduce weapons toss and reducing the recoil acting on the shooter during firing. The set presented does not have any index or name, the manufacturer only noted that it will be sold under the brand name Baikal, price information is also not yet available.

Such an additional module, so far focused only on the owners air guns – replicas of PM, such as MP-654K, UMAREX PM Ultra, UMAREX Makarov, or Gletcher PM, reports the portal

Perhaps, in the case of commercial success in the Russian market, in the future we will see similar modules for the gun MP-655K (is the pneumatic clone MP-446 Viking, the sports version of the army pistol Yarygin – PJ), and in the case of interest from the military and law enforcement agencies – modules for combat pistols PM and IL.

It should be noted that the serial production of pistols PM and its modifications continues at Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. Despite the fact that the Russian army and police are gradually moving from PM to Yarygin pistol, PMM and other models still remain in service and are among the most popular and sought-after samples short-arms Russian production.

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