ModuLoader – pocket shield for EDC

What kind of things do you wear in your EDC? Keys, phone, knife, multitool? Can you have a tactical opener? =)

How do you handle it? If just in the pockets, then it is most likely not very convenient. Although if there is such a thing – pocket shield ModuLoader, it will be very convenient to carry everything in your pockets!

When I came across this, I’m not sure I’ve seen it. Then I realized that this is a reference to the form. Moduloader. It can be remarkably noteworthy.

Moduloader EDC – a folding knife, a flashlight, a multitool, a pepper spray, etc. It is an act of smoothing out the skin of your pocket.

Size and shape Moduloader pocket of any pants. As can be seen from the photos, there are many cuts available for you. In general, a rather interesting thing, which can be ordered for about 25 bucks. Well, or if you have to do it yourself)

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Pocket shield ModuLoader

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