Momento Mori: Fear of death – where did it come from?

We all sometime will die. And I, and you too. “Memento moriOr remember of death. Sooner or later it will come. Desire to sleep. Are you afraid of sleepiness? Does it make sense fear death? Where did it come from fear of death? There are two reasons for this. The first is practical, the second is religious. And as a gift – fear of pain.

Before I begin to disclose these reasons – let’s agree. Under by death we understand the transition to a carcass state. Or the moment when this process has already happened. So back to our reasons.

The first reason is purely practical.

Mentally fast-forwarding – Pithecanthropes or Australopithecus. Choose which of them you prefer. Let us think about their existence: enemies are around, danger, they are not clear. Suddenly, while hunting the tribesman falls off a cliff. Screams, a watch and a handful of warriors watch him writhing in agony, wheeze, wave his hands, and then “leave.” This picture is repeated at the Nth periodicity. Next to eat the wrong berries and poisoned, They broke my arm, they bite my leg off. Blood, screams and panic permeate the moment. Eventually the victim dies. Or for no reason dies. Viruses, now known from diseases, viruses, epidemics. And at that time died. So-so picture for the first man.

Death begins to be associated with pain and suffering, who are experiencing victim. It was painful. This fear is the basis of many rational fears:

  • heights;
  • dogs (or other animals);
  • insects (not to be confused fear with disgust);
  • strangers (steal, rob);
  • and many others …

What is important is the fact that children fear of death missing. Exactly until his parents produce it. Cognitive activity and poisonous comments (“you the grave you will bring “,”of death my want ”). (For breadwinners) = terrible agonizing death, in colors will tell him.

Heavenly fear of death.

It is no secret that Abrahamic religions dominate the world – Judaism, Islam and Christianity. There is a concept of sin. AND mortal sin. Apparently, for especially serious crimes. What sin specifically says nowhere. But it is very scary!

Life does not follow the rules in hell. And there is fire, hell, torture and flour to the end of ages. If it’s really creepy. But there is a reservation: the payback comes only after death. Before that, you can. It’s not for you atrocities. So born fear of death: you can not judge. He knows everything But his anger in the Bible says a lot.

As a result, an alarming picture. It leaves its mark on the behavior and thoughts. And therefore limits life.

What to do?

I will say the words of Andrei Kochergin:

“Do not piss!”

It sounds pathetic, but the recipe is correct. Make a decision, choose and stop fear death. Yes, she will come. It’s not so important.

Question death work is the basis of the practice “warrior burialThis is a man prepares himself. the grave and falls into it. After what its buried in. Being worked on end point. After it comes the realization that life has a term shelf life. And that he has the property to end.

But it’s not a problem. Stuck evil, but the brains in order results. I sincerely recommend at least once.

Two to death do not happen, one can not escape.

Therefore, when pripret – will not be scary. The absence of death fear It will not make you easier and brighter. By expanding your boundaries, you can increase your boundaries. This is called a double bundle. By the same principle, Omar Khayyam said:

“Who was dying, he knows he lives! “

But here, do not overdo it. Memento mori.

Momento Mori: Fear of death &# 8212; what was it and where did it come from?

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