Moonshine as a product of distillation of low alcohol drinks from natural products, the chemical properties of moonshine.

Moonshine is an alcoholic beverage that was widely used in the 15th century. Home brewing has a story. Recipes for making moonshine passed down from generation to generation and improved winemakers. 

Moonshine as a product of distillation of low alcohol drinks from natural products, chemical properties of moonshine.

It should be noted that in the last century the main principle of winemakers (moonshiners) was to distill as slowly as possible, using for distillation no more than 50% of the total amount of mash available. This principle was adhered both to the first distillation and to the second and third.

were irretrievably lost and forgotten. Many technologies for making high-quality home-brew alcoholic drinks at home were also forgotten..

Chemical properties of moonshine.

Moonshine is a product of distillation (distillation) of low alcohol drinks obtained from natural products. A similar technology produces drinks such as whiskey, tequila and many other expensive drinks. There is an erroneous opinion that it is impossible to make high-quality moonshine at home.

This assumption is erroneous, since there are no food products that could not be prepared at home, and it is rather strange to assume that alcoholic beverages are an exception. A wide variety of recipes distinguishes moonshine from foreign analogues: Scotch whiskey, Georgian chachi and Japanese sake.

According to the results of a study of moonshine and moonshine brewing in several countries, moonshine is a quality alcoholic beverage. In addition, moonshine is not only inferior in quality to industrial alcohol, but also surpasses it in many respects. The fact is that distillation products are less harmful to the human body than rectification products (vodka).

As for low-quality alcohol, in most cases it is an extract of alcohol-containing technical fluids or the technical fluids themselves. It is in no way connected with moonshine..

Moonshine is not inferior in quality to such a popular drink as rum. If we compare the technology of their preparation, there will be no significant differences, with the exception of the products from which they are prepared. In other words, rum is unfiltered moonshine.

The strength of moonshine directly depends on the quality of the yeast and the temperature regime of the infusion of mash. According to statistics, almost 50% of the vodka on sale is a poor-quality product of underground production and is prepared with violations of the requirements of the process. Thus, having established the production of moonshine at home, you can not only save money, but also maintain health.

According to the book “Moonshine and recipes for the preparation of moonshine”.
I.A. Zaitseva.

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