Morakniv Bushcraft: a modest and reliable tactical knife

Good afternoon, dear readers, and again we have a knife at the center of attention … No, really. What a week without a knife review? This time we will inspect the piercing-cutting device. Morakniv bushcraft. And, of course, what he can do. And he can not very much, but enough for a knife. Prick, cut, chop. And quite well, thanks to the quality of steel. By the way, steel is high carbon, besides coated with black DLC-compound, which protects against corrosion. So the knife to the effects of the environment invulnerable.

If you take a flint in the other hand, Morakniv bushcraft without problems, will act as a chair, and you will kindle a fire. Unfortunately, the flint bundled with a knife does not go.

Knife parameters Morakniv bushcraft
Blade length 109 mm
Knife length 232 mm
Blade thickness 3.2 mm
Sheath weight 162 g
Price ~ $ 55 per
Manufacturer country Sweden

The handle of the knife is made of cool rubber and does not slip into the palm of your hand. The knife, in principle, as it should be, becomes an extension of your hand. And, as an important addition, the plastic sheath comes with a belt clip.

Steel arms

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