Mosquito bite – how to protect yourself

The most dangerous among mosquitoes are tropical mosquitoes. They carry diseases such as malaria, encephalitis and yellow fever. In any case, the bite of a mosquito, although tropical, even though our ordinary, does not bode well.

To maximize your safety, follow these instructions:

  • be located as high as possible and away from the swamps
  • cover yourself with mosquito while you sleep
  • do not leave open areas on the body
  • wear thick clothes
  • use anti-mosquito drugs – ointments, sprays and pills

The smell of cinnamon repels mosquitoes. Take advantage of the cheesecloth in a solution with cinnamon. Gauze can be hungry on the tent or put on clothes. Camphor also scares them off.

Wet skin attracts mosquitoes much more often than dry. Therefore, it should not be wiped with a dry cloth.

Do not wear blue clothes! She attracts mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes are afraid of wind and smoke. Therefore, camp on high and open ground. Put something that smokes well into the fire.

It has been completely dispersed that it can disperse the smoke.

If bitten

If you, however, it was not possible to avoid bites, it would be possible to dilute the skin.

From the redness and inflammation of the water, it will help you.

Medications for the prevention of malaria

  • chloridine (Daraclore, Tindurin)
  • bigumal (baluzid, paludrin)
  • chloroquine (delagil, hingamin)

You can also use it in a safe way. – Restricted mosquitoes – a reality?

Mosquito bite &# 8212; how to protect yourself

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