Mossad: Israeli foreign intelligence and terrorists nightmare

It was the Islamic Republic of Iran. Yes, of course, it’s a Muslim (no offense to the soldiers from the IRA is said). The number of rapes, large-scale terrorist attacks.

It is not a problem. It can be guessed by Israeli foreign intelligence Mossad.

There are no neighbors in the Middle East. It wasn’t much aggression. That is why it was founded Mossad. This is not the same as the motto: “With flourish flourishes”


1948 The formation of the state of Israel. It is not necessary to tell you what it is. However, a special unit, Sherut Yelinot, was already functioning at that time, serving as an intelligence and counterintelligence functions. It was therefore established in 1951 that it was established. specializing in military intelligence overseas. It was called “HarRashut” (management) and it became Mossadbut. What is funny, until 1957, it was

1952 Replaced by the founder Mossad Isser Harel comes to Reuven Schiolach, who voluntarily left his post. And here, as they say, spun. Harel increased funding tenfold Mossad virt whole which which

In numerical terms. Therefore, we are forced to push our intelligence as far as possible. It serves to compensate for the lack of time and space.

It is this doctrine that formed the basis for further development. Mossad. But they were very specific. For example, militants from the ultra-right terrorist pro-Israel organization Lehi were recruited. It was a policy of terror. Thanks to them Mossad seriously strengthened its position.

In 1963, the facts of facts Mossad forced Harel to resign. But he didn’t want to follow up. Well, like failure Mossad learned those who need it.

Next came a fairly stable time when Mossad focused on gathering information and declassifying it at the right moment. There were practically no large-scale operations. But at the beginning of the twenty-first century, everything changed.

To the highest command position (by the way Mossad – It is a civilian unit. It turned out perfectly, I must say. Mossad Finds out where the targets have been. The goal 2011 was especially “fruitful”, when more than 10 goal bombardments were successfully carried out.


Composed Mossad there are the following special forces:

  • Office of Operational Planning and Coordination. Coordinates espionage and network of agents around the world. Sometimes hell knows where.
  • Directorate for Combating Arab Terrorism. It is clear what they do.
  • Information and analytical management. Data, for top political leadership.
  • Foreign special services. Friendly weapons.
  • Research Office. The countries of the Middle East. There is also a department engaged in nuclear weapons.
  • Operational and technical management. It’s not a problem. where it is needed.
  • Office of psychological warfare and misinformation.
  • Special Operations Department. Physical elimination of targets.
  • Educational management.
  • Department of Finance and Personnel.

It is a list of informations that have been officially announced. Mossadand employs about 1,200 people. At the same time, it would be possible to provide all possible assistance to agents.

There are ideals in the context of realism, knowledge of the local dialect and cultural characteristics. Since it’s not arouse, it’s possible to meet the requirements. And, characteristically, it wasn’t necessary to increase anti-Semitism, Mossad in particular.

Moreover, Mossad “Sayanim” is a voluntary coerie from the civilian population, which is loyal to the local authorities. This is something like freelancers who are not usually threatened. Therefore, for example, legal equipment (formally lost).

There is also information about the service in Mossad of women. Of course, their activities are seriously limited.


Staff member Mossad It has been given that it can be used as a civilian. Announcements about admission to Mossad It is easy to get “casting.” If everything went well, then it would be enrolled in the Midrash Preparatory Academy.

Everything takes place in the strictest secrecy. It is a cadet that has been most carefully prepared. At the end of the year – the exam. If you pass it Mossad Then the situation is repeated for the development of the next course.

Known operations

We will focus on the most ambitious and demonstrative.

1960 year. Adolf Eichmann oversaw avoids the Nuremberg Tribunal Mossad it still overtook. It has been shown that he has been killed.

1962 Egypt was actively developed medium range ballistic missiles. That would be enough to bombard Israel’s positions without endangering itself. Moreover, German scientists were involved in developing the Third Reich missile program. But no, because Isser Harel understood this danger perfectly well. Rocket engines blew up in warehouses, scientists and abducted. Moreover, Mossad Blindly used the former German saboteur Otto Skorzeny. It has been shown to be an international community. But Isser Harel was forced to resign.

1972 The terrorist attack on the Olympic Games in Munich. MossaCalculated and exterminated 13 out of 17 people who were responsible for organizing, preparing for the attack.

1986 Someone Mordechai Vanunu, who worked as a nuclear technician, gave nuclear weapons. And fled to England. But agents Mossad they were sentenced to 18 years for the military.

2005 year. Russia decided to arrange deliveries of Iskander-E missiles to Syria. But agents Mossad a result of which the supplies failed.

2010. In the UAE, Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, was killed. He was found in his room with traces of stun and choke. No one was found guilty, but all the strings led to Mossad.

Agents Mossad It’s not a matter of national security. It is extremely difficult to calculate them. Seriously, Europeans, with their “tolerance” and “human rights”, have Or, at least, to think …

Global community

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