Most unkillable watches

In the case when you remain a survival. But it’s especially moral, has a special meaning. Here saves the system and logical approach to solving impending problems.

But there is no doubt that this is the case. How much time has passed? What time is it now? When is the best time for action? All these issues are solved with the help of … yes, with the help of the clock. It’s quite possible …

However, it is not a problem.

We’re sharing our experience with the Aggregator of Brutality.

Phrase “unkillable clock“Makes me associate with Casio G-Shock and probably not my one. So I wondered – which watch is the most brutal. He began to dig the Internet and, not surprisingly, the most survivable are the Swiss, namely the Swiss Military Watch 20’000 FEET.

It makes it possible that it has been the group that has made it so far. police in Switzerland. Do not just choose this watch. It is a fact that it is the case.

If you talk about it, you can survive:

  • Diving so deeply
  • Do not believe it is a shotgun
  • Even a blast of dynamite to them

This is a video test: test this watch:

Do not have a built-in stopwatch. and unidirectional rotating bezel. It’s not a scary problem. It is not a Chinese trash. on the pillow.

Interesting facts about 20,000 FT from CX SWISS MILITARY WATCH:

  • They are made in limited quantities, only 1000 pieces.
  • Res insurance Mont me me during during during during during during during during during during

Swiss Military Watch 20&# 8217; 000 FEET: The most non-killing clock

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