Moto Guzzi: Three-wheeled military ATV

We recently talked about a two-wheeled military all-terrain vehicle, the present survival bike. Three-wheel unit.

Even though there is a three-wheeled motorcycle? ”It’s not the Can-Am Spyder or Polaris Slingshot. It is almost always – Moto guzzi, created back in the 1960s for the army of Italy. ATV There is a permanent four-wheel drive, which provides incredible maneuverability and allows …

The motorcycle is named Autoveicolo Da Montagna, which literally means “mountain car”. This has been the case for military purposes. Alps for passing the steep mountain roads.

At all, Moto guzzi It appears that he has been bored with the project. Moto guzzi talented engineer Giulio Carcano, who began work in 1959. In March 1960, the prototype was ready. The army signed a contract.

The result was a powerful military machine that had armament on board – light submachine gun Beretta 38/49, most common among Italians during World War II.

ATV was able to overcome a slope of 31 °. It became both his strength and weakness. Several bike climbs died overturned. In this case, the bike was very difficult to maintain. Guzzi firmly established the Orgia di ingranaggi nickname, something like an “orgy of mechanisms.” For these reasons, the Italian army ceased production and procurement in 1963.

One of the copies Moto guzzi is located in the Vyacheslav Sheyanov Motomir museum, The retro motorcycles.

He was in the city of Rimini, in Italy. But it is not required a full recovery. It takes us a lot to get all the accessories. “

ATV Constantino Frontalini, Italy

This Guzzi It is not the first three-wheeled motorcycle used by the Italian soldiers. It is a hybrids hybrids that are used in the interwar years of the interwar. But it was this “mechanical mule”

Basis ATV served as a double tubular frame. A power unit was installed across the frame. It was originally a 500 cc single-cylinder engine, also used on another Motocarro Militare motorcycle. It was specifically designed for the Guzzy, which was dubbed “Carcano V7” in honor of its creator.

The front suspension – cylindrical springs. The rear wheels were suspended for a long distance of 800 to 830, and then to 1300 mm.

The wheel is driven by a chain; There is a switchable distance between the rear axle and the rear axle.

Between the rear wheels also provides a dismountable differential. To increase the number of tracks and tracks.

Max lifting capacity ATV Guzzi impressive – 500 kg. This is a battery of the spare tire. Torino Alpini, one of the last world operating mountainous infantry units.

Although it was discontinued in 1963, although it was disconnected in 1963. It was disconnected in 1963.

Moto Guzzi Information and specifications

Manufacturer: Societa Antonima Moto Guzzi, Mandelo del Lario, Italy
Years of release: 1961 – 1963
Quantity, pcs: 500

  • Weight, kg: 1 000
  • Fuel tank capacity, l: 53
  • Maximum speed, km / h: 50
  • Power reserve (range), km: 350

Engine and transmission

  • Engine type: V-shaped, overhead valve, with air cooling
  • Engine capacity, cc: 754
  • Diameter and piston stroke, mm: 80 x 75
  • Power: 20 hp at 4000 rpm
  • Ignition: Marelli S89A
  • Carburetor: Weber 26IMB1 or IMB4
  • Battery: Marelli
  • Coupling: single plate, dry
  • Transmission: 6-speed

Frame and wheelbase

  • Frame type: tubular, duplex
  • Front suspension: spring, telescopic
  • Rear suspension: longitudinal rods with rubber
  • Brakes: mechanical front wheel
  • Wheel dimensions: 15 x 6.0


  • Length, mm: 3,000
  • Width, mm: 1,100 – 1,570
  • Height, mm: 1,420
  • Wheelbase, mm: 2,050


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