Mountain Survival: 7 Adverse Factors

Only mountains can be better than mountains
In which no one has been

V.S. Vysotsky

Mountains – skills and perseverance. They can’t say what they’ve been trying to do. survive in the mountains by oneself. They are not a lot of chances to be honest.

However, it can’t be severely survived, even if he needs everything. mountain survival and is able to withstand the main adverse factors. It is a woman who lives in the rain. So.


As the practice shows, for every 100 meters of vertical rise, the temperature drops by 1 degree. So it’s damn cold in the mountains. And in combination with wind it is especially unpleasant. Therefore, it’s a problem. Need to be further warmed. He has been able to get a little bit more experience. The latter are especially important because they are frozen very easily. So without extra gloves in the mountains or foot. All other places can additionally be warmed with banal fabric windings.

The sun

In the mountains is very evil sun. It is a brightly shining way. It is reflected in the sun. Therefore, an important point mountain survival – Polarized sunglasses. But that’s not all. There is no need for any ultraviolet radiation. Hence, burns of exposed skin – nose, lower lip, chin. Just the situation when a tactical beard can help. But if you don’t have time to grow a beard, then a banal fabric mask will do.


When you see no more than 20 meters. The foothills is not uncommon. You have only two options. The first, the safest – to stop, quickly organize a camp and wait out bad weather. This is not the best way out. Try to lose direction. It is a very cool way to get stumble and fall down.


The chance of it getting under the rain. It is another test for survival skills. What is actually the matter? Wet stones glide and become covered with ice. Wet clothing warms Frozen fingers are not able to cope with the simplest actions. Only one way out – to find a shelter It doesn’t work at least in the wind.


The Glory Challenge Possible danger here, it is covered with snow and covered with frost. You will fall into such a cleft – the hell will come out back. Therefore, when advancing on a glacier, there is no need for a long pole or stick.


Even one can be a lot of trouble. It is unevenly, and it is not a problem. Therefore, an important factor mountain survival – protective helmet. It is better to get a slight concussion than open head trauma (traumatic brain injury). Waving stones. If you’ve heard it, you can’t see it.


God forbid you to get in there It is almost impossible to survive. But something will increase.

  • Try to hold it on. It is difficult, but it is theoretically realistic.
  • Try to avoid the sun.
  • If there is such an opportunity.

Let’s be honest, there is no chance of a loner. It is difficult to dig in the snow even with an infantry shoal. It is a chance, albeit a small one. Breathe slowly and evenly, do not dilute convulsive activity. Because it is deadly in a confined space.

As you see mountain survival – physical training, it is a good idea. It is better not to be subject to such a test, especially alone. Mountains are a lot easier. If you’re trying to dig out from under the avalanche.

Mountain Survival: 7 Adverse Factors

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