MRAP – light armored vehicles protected from mine blast

MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected – protected from undermining and attacks from ambushes) – these are wheeled armored vehicles with enhanced mine protection. It is not a clear concept of military equipment. Sometimes they are referred to Armored personnel carrier – but this is also wrong. It is difficult to choose MRAP. Clear and understandable.

MRAP, For the US military in recent years, it has been intended to be a patrolling escorting vehicle for guerrilla warfare. It was known by the states of the world. It was due to the mines and improvised explosive devices.

In the US Armed Forces, there are three categories of MRAP-type vehicles:

  • BBM category I – the most compact. They are intended for patrols in the conditions of the city.
  • Category II – vehicles for transporting personnel, transporting personnel,
  • A relatively small category III is represented by armored personnel carriers specifically designed for demining the territory.

However, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), it’s where the country’s colonization has been. There has been a fierce guerrilla war for many years. Willy-nilly, had to trick by developed unusual samples of military equipment.

It was turned out. It is necessary to create a special BBM using serial units and aggregates.

Methods for mines and improvised land mines were generally clear. Features of the device with enhanced mine protection:

  • In the case of the blast wavelet
  • The structure of the engine, the transmission of the transmission unit;
  • This is a list of commercial vehicles used for commercial vehicles.


Rhodesia, South Africa Concept MRAP was the appearance in 1978 of the car Buffel, Rhodesian and South African experience was very organically inscribed.

Buffel This is a seemingly terrible uyebishche not very presentable.


Fighting machine Buffel 4×4 The Angola and Namibia have appeared during the so-called border war and the land mines.

Buffel was built on a serial all-wheel drive chassis from a truck Mercedes-Benz Unimog. It is a V-shaped keel. As well as two tanks – a fuel volume of 200 liters. and a hundred-liter water. It is not clear. But 500 liters pumped into each of the four wheels. It’s not a problem.


Can be considered in 1995. Mamba. Her more perfect version RG-31 Nyala used in 8 countries vehicles and the 1385 vehicles entered the US Marine Corps RG-31. Further development of the BBM of this series – RG-33 The Pentagon ordered in the amount of 1735 copies. Created from Mamba APC, 4×4 RG-31 The PT-type type TM-57.




RG-33L – with the manipulator

Option MRRMV (Mine Resistant Recovery & Maintenance Vehicle)

Descendant Mamba – mine machine Reva. Received a baptism of fire in 2007. This is a design of the mine machine. Mamba with wheel arrangement 4×2 / 4×4.

Machines Mamba and Reva retain external similarities.

More than 150 vehicles have already been put in service. Moreover, there have been a number of cases for the RPG-7.


Armored personnel carrier Casspir.


His team consists of 2 people; the machine can also take on board 12 soldiers, including their weapons and equipment. A design of an armored personnel carrier. It’s almost no problem. Able to cross pits and ditches up to 1 meter wide. It has been decided to protect the soldiers during the peace of the vehicle. The armor reliably protects the crew from both mine fragments and being hit by handguns.

It is a special mino-security (grade 3) and relative ease of repair. It is a matter of fact. Casspir It has been successfully used in military operations (South Africa and Namibia). Developed by Vickers. Modern realities of warfare Casspir. Although it is still in service and in production. It is now used.

Casspir Mk6 – armored monster based on the Urals

New model armored Casspir mk6 highly reliable and well-known family Casspir, the car has a three-axle all-wheel drive chassis, unlike the previous version Casspir, whose chassis was only biaxial.

Armored car Casspir mk6 built on the chassis of our truck Ural-4320 with a turbodiesel YAMZ 236NE2 which power is 230 hp and manual transmission YMZ 236U. There is no need for a third of $ 50,000. Low cost armored personnel carrier.

Indianindustry of Mahindra. & Mahindra. Thus, the V-shaped all-welded body, as in the previous model. Casspir, which is installed on the Russian chassis Ural. The basic version of the army machine Casspir mk6 This is an armored bus that can carry up to 16 people. It was stated that the 14-kg charge. It is also possible hinge additional ballistic protection.

It is a multi-purpose vehicle, an armored personnel carrier and a commander.

The length of the Casspir Mk6 is 7.59 m, 2.67 m in width and height – 2.955 m. The maximum speed is 80 km / h.



Marauderarmored car with mine protection developed by Paramount Group. Produced by the South African company of Paramount Group and Azerbaijan. This is a car now.

You already know this car. It was manufactured by MAN were used.

Total weight Marauder There are no fully equipped paratroopers. The air conditioning system has been shipped.

It is a very beautiful car.



MaxxPro – the most massive american MRAP.

MaxxPro It is a modified version of an international utility truck on the chassis of which it has been assembled.

According to the car, it is a unique design, which is an armored body mounted on the chassis. The body copes with the redirection of explosive energy (from the explosion of mines). The ease of repair is an added advantage. Having a cab mounted on the chassis, you can easily

Other designs MRAP V-shaped body welded to the presence of a chassis. As a rule, they are assembled from small parts in one plant. MaxxPro In the contrary, it is not necessary to separate the halves. The fighting compartment is assembled with bolts. So in the production is much faster.

MaxxPro main customer and program manager – United States Marine Corps

When choosing a manufacturer MRAP, time to fulfill a huge order. In 2006, over 160,000 commercial vehicles were manufactured.


MRAP Buffalo is a direct descendant Casspir, developed in South Africa in 1970. Machines Buffalo – this MRAP third category. Therefore, they are equipped with a 9-meter remote control for explosive devices.

Buffalo with extra protection. Lattice screens – grenade protection

MRAP Caiman

Heavy MRAP Caiman (“Crocodile”) concern BAE Systems. Caiman MRAP – This is a special armored personnel carrier with FMTV. Caiman is a BTR with reservation level MRAP II, It provides protection against damaging factors.

MRAP Caiman

Caiman has up to 95 percent of the truck parts. FMTV, crew and high combat survivability. It has been used to select the armored vehicle for adoption. Relatively low cost, which is $ 685,000 for one MRAP (yes, for such a machine is a low cost).

In total, it is planned to adopt 3800 armored personnel carriers from 2007 to 2010 Caiman.

Cougar h

Cougar h

Famous photo: Cougar blast resistance test

Cougar, It is a scaffolding that has been exploited under or near the car. The machine can be configured to perform various tasks. The American company Force Protection Inc. It is designed specifically for military engineers. De facto, it’s standard MRAP machine coalition forces in iraq. There are two main options for the machine. MRAP II.

Cougar H 4×4

Cougar HE 6×6

It depends on the 4×4 or 6×6 series. The maximum weight is 15800kg with a payload of 1800kg. In this case, it is about 60 km / h.

M1117 Guardian ASV (Armored Security Vehicle)

M1117 Guardian ASV

This 4? 4 armored vehicle has been produced since 1999 by the Cadillac for the US military police. Armament – Mk 19 grenade launcher and the Browning M2 machine gun. The M1117 is an improved version of the Cadillac Commando 100/150, with improved armor protection (composite ceramic). But in 2003, the war war begins, HMMWV proved to be very vulnerable.

By the middle of 2007, 1,729 M1117 were delivered under the new contract. From competition MRAP The car got out in 2007, it received an order from the 329 ASV, which came with an updated protection.

Australian MRAP Bushmaster

MRAP Bushmaster

In April 2005, the equipment was sent to Afghanistan. Australia has already produced about 300 units. The machine is very interested in this machine. MRAP In the United States of America, it’s possible to carry out

MRAP It is about 120 km / h, the range is 750 km. BTR is an airborne by C-130 and A-400 aircraft. The main task Bushmaster – The lines of ammunition and the evacuation of the wounded. The main features of this MRAP – low cost and simplicity.


MRAP – This is a combat vehicle of the 21st century. Relatively light, maneuverable, armed, equipped with good protection. The sixth generation.

South Africa and the States.

And what about Russia?

Immediately make a reservation. RUSSIAN ARMY MREPA NEEDED. And it is not discussed. Russian troops are not the first decade. If you’re still a bit of a resource, you’ve been on the road. Mine protection for us is not a new phenomenon. For example, armored personnel carrier BTR-90 has a V-shaped mine bottom. But BTR-90 – A very expensive thing. It is not possible to complete the process.


All we can boast of experimental. MRAP. We have no serial cars. Although it would be a stupidly copy of the OWN machines. But horseradish. Our generals are not far-sighted.

KAMAZ-43269 Shot

It was created in 1997, but it was never accepted for service. The shot, he is the BPM-97, created on the basis of the serial truck – experts will surely recall. Indeed, it stands for an armored border vehicle.

Andrei Cruz in the cycle “The Epoch of the Dead”.

The body of the BTR-40 is noticed, right? Booking bulletproof. Shots from the 12.7-mm “cliff” cannonstag from the distance of 300 m, it can be seen from the 7.62-mm SVD sniper rifle from a distance of 30 m; the bottom is also armored. Armament is mounted in a rotating turret. It is possible to install a 14.5-mm machine gun KPVT or a 12.7-mm machine gun “Kord”, a 30-mm grenade launcher “Flame”, an anti-tank missile system.

But for her, it’s not a problem. Only recently, the FSIN (Federal Penitentiary Service) became interested in escorting prisoners in troubled regions. In addition, the Russian military base in Gudauta (Abkhazia), where it is used for reconnaissance vehicle. The equipment was installed.

He added that he was not allowed to go for a meal. . The Kazakhs simply abandoned the armored cars. When creating this car, it’s not a problem. So do not pull this machine on MRAP. Does not pull.

KAMAZ-43269 “Watch”

KAMAZ-43269 “Watch” – Modification in BRM for ground forces. “Watch” – KAMAZ Mustang Classic armored car, inexpensive to manufacture and maintain. It doesn’t have to be sealed with FVU – therefore it is unsuitable for nuclear war. But it is very beneficial in order to drive the Papuans.

Option “Patrol” with a BTR-82 (30-mm gun with a gyrostabilizer, allowing you to fire on the go)

Anti-aircraft option

SPM-3 Bear

Russian MRAP “Bear”

It is quite another thing – “Russian MRAP“. Special police car. Unlike KAMAZ”Shot “, “Bear “ not using scratch using separate ready-made units. Engine – Yaroslavl, 330 hp, transmission – from the Urals, independent torsion bar suspension and wheels – from BTR-90. Arneukuzov – carrying and, as expected, with a V-shaped bottom. At the same time, it’s half a meter!

Although it is more comfortable than the body “Shot”: The car, in fact, is a “armored vehicle” for ten people.

The absence of loopholes (which is not included among the American analogs), the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Since it’s not possible, it’s not possible to follow them, one can argue. But there is a machine gun – NSV; Utes caliber 12.7 mm; It is baked for each side. There is this machine only in two copies.

KAMAZ Typhoon

KAMAZ Typhoon

Here this machine inspires respect. It has been selected for all types of vehicles. Brigades of the ground forces.

At the moment there are two prototypes of cars of the family “Typhoon” – modular and cabinet. It is unique MRAP, yet unparalleled in the world.

Since there is still no Russian GOST for mine resistance, booking Typhoon It is carried out according to the western standard. (For bulletproof protection – level 4). It has been noted. For mine resistance.


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