MRE – suhpaek American soldier. Test and conclusions

Healthy and healthy food. Or rather – about dry soldering.

You can score on the road. All of these options. Canned cans are too heavy. But, but cheap. A sighting jar can neutralize a gaping enemy. Fresh food – beautiful day trips and picnics. It is not a good idea. Sublimates – good and nutritious, but require hot clean water.

Based on all of these tourists choose where to eat. That is – suhpayki.

In this particular case, we will consider the American Army suhpaek – MRE (Meal Ready-to-Eat). It helps to bring peace of mind. Martinet fed and aggressive dogs of war.


MRE Menu # 15: Mexican Style Chicken Stew

“Inner language of Lermontov and Shnur means” Menu No. 15 – Mexican Roast Chicken“.

All contents are in a plastic bag, dazzling with inscriptions. Including – claiming that the government is. Well, it will be doubly pleasant to eat Obama’s lunch.

It is very convenient to use the bag after it has been used. By the way, we can tell you about this. There, these skins from democratic rations are covered with all the verges.

It is a scaffolding tool.

He pulled in different directions – and opened.

In the package we find the following insides:

In appearance – a lot of plastic bags, sachets and packages. It is a beautifully laid out harness.

So go to the content.

Meals and snacks

Mexican Style Chicken Stew

Actually, the very hot. Tasty, comfortable. Hot – really tasty. But – a little. I need two such civilian packages.


Pears Essentially – jam. So so to taste.

Cheddar Cheese Pretzels

Cheese pretzels, shorter chips. Delicious, nutritious, full of carbohydrates to the eyeballs.

Vegetable crackers

Vegetable cracker. Whatever that means. Cookies from vegetables. Something vegetarian, apparently.

Cheese spread

Cheese mass. In fact – processed cheese. The most delicious. Not serious. For such a pack of cheese, I am ready to sell a piece of cheese.

Peanut butter sweets. Sweet lovers will appreciate. I would replace it with another pack of cheese.

Beverage Base Powder (Lemon-Lime)

Lemon juice with a natural drink. Did you drink “Jupiter” in childhood? Here – this is it. Only democratic.

Auxiliary items

MRE Heater

Package-heater for the main course.
This is, in my opinion, the whole package. The essence of the work is simple. You can open the bag for a few minutes. It is up to the bottom.

It is an additional pleasantness to warm up. Well you can choose which one you like.

A set of useful stuff. Instant coffee, matches, salt, sugar, napkin dry, wet napkin and even chewing gum.


Spoon of general model. Strong, conditionally disposable and easy. Fits perfectly behind the belts MOLLE, quickly grabs. In short – a very useful thing.

Hot Beverage Bag

Hermetic package with instructions. The lemon powder is poured into it, poured with water and placed in a heating pad. The taste is a rare abomination. But it will be slightly less noticeable.

Carton for holding a hot main course. Your main course. Convenient thing. For example, it is possible to use it. Or not.

MRE has a fairly high amount of calories.

Crackers – 180 kcal, cheese – 250, drink – 150, pears – 290, main dish – 200. Vitamins A, calcium and iron – 8% each, vitamin C – 15%. He is ready to go. Dishes in the past!

A pair of crackers with cheese – this is already 430 kilocalories! Chips – 210 kcal. In one step – under one and a half thousand. More than half the daily rate.

Summing up, in general, the feelings of suhpayk very positive. You can live. If you want to take a tank with bayonets.

The presence of auxiliary elements such as a hot heating holder makes life easier. The number of options – there are about 25 menus.

Ready kits

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