Multi-tool, multi-pliers or universal pliers, multi-tool Leatherman, Victorinox, Wenger, Spyderco and Gerber.

The history of the production of knives, despite the constant appearance of new designs and the use of high technology, knows not so many breakthroughs, for example, the appearance of a tool called multitool, and which greatly influenced the entire development of the industry as a whole. 

Even the most sophisticated folding models Victorinox and Wenger were developed quite a long time ago more than 100 years ago. Since then, their design has not actually changed, apart from minor technical improvements that improve the ergonomics of the knife, make it more reliable and practical.

Multi-tool, multi-pliers or universal pliers, multi-tool Leatherman, Victorinox, Wenger, Spyderco and Gerber.

Nevertheless, the need for new folding tools was increasing. New areas of use, new opportunities for application. At the same time, the blade did not completely lose its significance, but its role gradually became an auxiliary one. In everyday life, other tools of a screwdriver, pliers, etc. were more and more needed. The idea to combine all these tools in one design belongs to the American engineer Tim Lizerman. Not a classic knife, but pliers were taken as the basis of the design.

Pliers have already been used in Victorinox and Wenger folding knives before, but due to size limitations they came out quite inconvenient to use and had low strength. A serious tool from them simply did not work. Therefore, the idea to take pliers as a basis, and place auxiliary tools, including a knife blade, in their hollow handles, turned out to be very original.

This is not to say that this idea was new. So, more than 100 years ago, folding scissors were produced in Russia in the cities of Pavlovo and Vorsma, in the handles of which were located auxiliary tools, including a small blade. But this folding set was almost forgotten by the end of the 20th century. Therefore, the idea of ​​T. Lizerman was perceived as a novelty. Moreover, by that time there was an urgent need for such tools.

. This is evidenced even by the name of his first model Pocket Survival Tool pocket tool for survival. In everyday life, the new tool received many different names: universal pliers, multi-pliers and multi-tools, which became his common name. The multitool has become popular. the design really turned out to be extremely successful.

anti-glare multitool models with detonator crimp.

Initially, knife companies did not pay much attention to the new product, it painfully did not match the look of a real knife. So, for example, the proposal to manufacture such products was short-sightedly rejected by Gerber, but after the multitool began to be squeezed by classic knives, it became clear that a strong competitor appeared on the market and you can successfully deal with it only by releasing your multitool model, which at least different from the original.

Such a fierce struggle contributed to the fact that universal pliers began to develop very quickly, and soon a lot of a wide variety of models were presented to consumers. The main improvements concerned the improvement of ergonomics of the extremely Spartan design.

At the same time, an optimal set of tools was gradually formed: two blades, with normal and seriorenal sharpening, a set of screwdrivers (2-3 straight lines and 1 cross-shaped), a can opener, a file and a ruler. In many models, a saw appeared, and in some saw a metal file and small scissors. All tools or at least blades in working condition are put on a hard lock.

The length of the blades is gradually increasing. Tool handles become more comfortable for continuous operation. Tooling capabilities are greatly expanded with an additional interchangeable tool.

Multi Tool Leatherman, Victorinox, Wenger, Spyderco and Gerber.

The appearance on the market of multitools from the well-known knife companies Victorinox and Wenger contributed to the fact that elements typical of folding knives began to be used in the design. So, Victorinox has released several successful models that are developed on the same base, but differ slightly in configuration, the last modification even introduced a removable corkscrew element, which is extremely rare in the design of modern multitools.

Externally, Swiss multitools practically do not differ from the T. Lizerman model, but the design differences are very large. Wenger created its multi-tool model based on the soldier’s model of a knife by simply integrating powerful pliers into its back.

The multitool turned out to be very massive, but the presence of full-size pliers with a solid construction without unnecessary hinge assemblies, a long blade (100 mm), which is put on the lock in working condition, a large saw and a set of auxiliary tools made it very convenient as a universal tool kit for field use. After the success of this tool, the company developed an option that is more convenient for the city, based on its officer knife.

Gerber became a formidable competitor. Realizing her strategic mistake, she promptly released several original and high-quality models. For the first time, this company designed a removable saw and interchangeable blades on nippers. In addition, cast handles with scraton inserts appeared on the tool to reduce slipping.

with a large number of tools, a convenient handle and the ability to open the blade with one hand. Modernization of earlier models was also carried out. They have a more comfortable handle and a new design of the tool retainer. The last retaliation was the Juice series. This is a small pocket multitool.

Multifunctional multitool knife Professional.

The development of such models actually turned out to be the first step to merge both directions into something average, combining the advantages of a folding knife and a tool. Confirmation of this was the new Russian development of a universal multi-tool knife Professional. Initially, it was designed to be used as a universal sapper tool, hence some specific requirements.

knife, survival knife.

Multitool from Spyderco.

As you can see, the multitool in its tasks and design came close to an ordinary folding knife. But there are exceptions to any rule, moreover, it was hard to expect from Spyderco that when creating its multitool model it would go the traditional way. Therefore, the appearance of multitool in the company’s collection was met with great interest. The multitool was made in the style of weapons for star wars. You don’t even immediately understand what it is.

An adjustable wrench is located on one side, and pliers on the other. The design has a small folding knife and a whole set of interchangeable tools. For the convenience of carrying the tool there is a clip. The blade can be opened with one hand. The tool is ideally similar to a transformer toy. It can be disassembled into several parts and used in different configurations. As you can see, the concept of a multifunctional tool gave impetus to the most violent design fantasies.

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