Multilayer clothing system, use in a camping trip.

The multilayer clothing system, in both hot and cold weather, can be conditionally divided into the following three categories. Basic layers, insulating layers and environmental protection layers. 

Multilayer clothing system, use in a camping trip.

The main layers are used directly on the body. Holding air near him. They should be made of fabrics that isolate and at the same time eliminate (absorb) water vapor. Such clothing should not be skin tightening or irritating. Insulating layers are added between the main layers and the layers that protect against environmental influences. Or removed when the external temperature changes.

air, ideally should be no more than a millimeter and have the ability to lock air molecules by electrostatic attraction. Types of thermal insulation vary depending on weight, compressibility, water repellent abilities and cost. The main tasks of your clothes are to protect you from the cold, heat, scorching sun, insect bites. To make it quick-drying, durable and not limiting movements. The choice of clothes that you pack in your backpack depends on the duration of your trip, as well as the climate of the places where you go.

A multi-layer clothing system will allow you to add or remove layers of clothing as desired in response to your increased or decreased activity and ambient temperature at a certain point. Routine cooling by wearing much less clothing than required is a very effective way to prevent perspiration. At cold temperatures, sweaty clothes from excessive stress strongly lose their heat-insulating properties. Regardless of physical activity, the skin continues to release moisture called indifferent perspiration. When this perspiration or other warm water vapor enters the cold air, they freeze.

Clothing material filled with hoarfrost and water will not help you to survive. Therefore, the removal of excessive moisture in cold conditions is of paramount importance. If you do not sweat, it will give you a lot of benefits, including the fact that the insulating layers remain warm and dry with increased physical activity. The multi-layer clothing system stays clean longer, your metabolic rate will be lowered, which saves precious energy and water.

An ideal scenario for action in cold weather is to control layers of clothing and physical activity to allow you to maintain peak performance without expending moisture and energy to sweating or shaking. In hot climates, clothes protect you from direct sunlight, hot winds, burning temperatures on the earth’s surface and a lot of everything that stings, bites or pricks.

Spacious layers of appropriate materials provide you with protection from the sun and increase airflow. At the same time, slowing down the evaporation from sweating for better cooling. An ideal action scenario in hot weather is to adjust layers and physical activity to allow you to maintain peak performance without wasting energy, but having protection from the sun and making the most of your perspiration for cooling.

According to the materials of the book 36.6 degrees. The art of staying alive!.

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