Multipurpose components in emergency stock, survival kit, NAZ.

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A variety of conditions for the use of NAZ.

For optimal adaptation in the field, your emergency kit or NAZ must meet a wide range of conditions. Focusing on key points helps to bring fewer items with more functions. Opportunities grow in number when they provide the right to choose. Choice allows you to bring to life the best plan available at a given time..

Specialized equipment, although in its place, limits the freedom of choice for a person who survives in the wild. You may find that a specialized tool can only perform one operation well, and therefore should be left at home. The choice is yours.

Multipurpose Components in NAZ.

High-quality, multi-purpose components are worth its weight in gold. Do not bring anything that can be used for less than two purposes. There are two main multipurpose components with which civilization was built. Each of them in the hands of a qualified user can bring extreme benefits, but if it falls into the hands of a loser, each of them can cause excessive suffering, damage and death. Can you guess what two things I’m talking about? This is the John Knight. Both have taken root in our everyday life since the beginning of time, and each brings the magic of use, performing many different tasks, at the same time requiring a minimum of space and weight.

left hand, if the right hand gets stuck between the stones?

Can you build a shelter from the elements of your equipment if your ligaments are stretched? The fewer components your equipment has, the easier it will be to use under the influence of overwork and stress from painful injuries. Again, by keeping it simple, you can increase your chances of success. Panic greatly reduces the chances of survival. It also makes useless of your precise and comprehensive motor skills. It was very easy to light a match in your backyard, and when you are seized with fear, the task becomes simply daunting. Taking equipment with you that requires precise and comprehensive motor skills is a very big mistake..

I am not telling you: do not pack matches, but always leave the alternative in the form of complex motor skills just in case, for example, like a road signal rocket or a magnesium block with an ignition insert. Complex motor functions are much easier to perform under stress than accurate and complex motor functions. This has been proven for decades in military situations. Keep your gear and use easy.

Easy to buy or craft.

Some parts of the emergency kit (NAZ) sometimes need to be replaced or alternated for maximum effective use, as they can rust, wear out, become brittle and brittle, or become obsolete. Using components that you can easily buy or craft yourself allows you to purchase new items with the least hassle. I received letters from people who offered advice on what I carry with me. Many of these ideas were pretty good, but they required special tools that are pretty hard for an ordinary person to get..

Pack your emergency kit with simple, effective, and widely available equipment. Replacing the light bulb in your special electric lamp will be a real headache for you if the specialized store where you purchased this lamp is quite far from you. Add to this the human nature and the eternal procrastination of affairs, and you can realize that you forgot to buy a new lamp only when it is already dark and you will be 10 kilometers from the group with a damaged tendon.

The advantage of being able to craft essentials yourself from ordinary materials at hand will be a huge plus. Self-development of equipment gives you a deep clear perspective on what you carry with you. This will allow you to change some of the features of the subject at will, so that it thus better meets your needs. And best of all, it is very difficult to imagine the equipment made at home, which its creator does not know how to use correctly. If you buy specialized equipment, great, but then order a couple of spare parts so that you do not have to overcome the difficulties of restoring stocks later.

Affordable but effective NAZ.

High-quality emergency dialing (NAZ) components that meet most of your requirements should not drive you into poverty, but they should be affordable and effective. I am often called mean. This is such an unpleasant word. I prefer thrifty. But I must agree that if there is an alternative less expensive, then I already tried it. I don’t mind paying good money for excellent equipment, but you will find that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on an effective emergency set (NAZ), unless you are going to the very depths of the Amazonian jungle.

Another advantage in favor of collecting your own set is sky-high prices in stores. The benefits of homemade components speak for themselves when it comes to saving money. Not to mention the cost, spend as much as you need, as this is a life saving plan that will pay for itself if it is properly drawn up.

Field Tested.

Your emergency kit (NAZ) must be field tested – use it or throw it away. Ideally, you should achieve complete deterioration of the content by checking its use. Experiment with what you take with you! Find out all the strengths and weaknesses of each item now, long before the emergency. Owning an emergency kit that you don’t know how to use is like reading a book on how to learn to swim when the ship is already sinking. Practice on paired, spare equipment so that those things that you take with you on a trip are completely new and ready to use, not worn out or shabby. Yes, you have to pay a double price, but aren’t you and your loved ones worth it?

Simple Survival Kit or NAZ.

The concept of simplicity of emergency stock is, without a doubt, the most important. It is an adhesive that collects and holds all parts together. This is the dominant concept within which all the others must be assembled. Your travel plan, your outfit, the emergency kit that you take with you, the action plan that you leave to two of your trusted people – everything should be simple. Simplicity is the key to life, and of course, to any panic situation. Do not try to underestimate this powerful force; keep it simple!

According to the materials of the book 36.6 degrees. The art of staying alive!.

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