Multitool Gerber Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend, specifications, device, tools, review.

One of Gerber’s developments in the area of ​​the Gerber Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend. It combines compact size with a wide range of functions. Reliable and functional wire cutters, which are spring loaded for ease of use, fit comfortably in your hand when using. 

Multitool Gerber Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend, specifications, device, tools, overview.

Continuing its tradition of innovation, Gerber has made replaceable triangular tungsten-carbide nippers in the Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend. They are much harder than any stainless steel, so they bite (according to the manufacturer) almost everything, from a string to a steel wire.

in the closed state), and the knife generally opens with one hand. FISKARS spring-loaded scissors have a long-established reputation and cut almost everything from fishing nets to coarse cotton fabric and leather.

Multitool Gerber Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend is one of the most convenient multifunctional tools for use in urban areas. The thought-over handle conveniently lies in a hand. When using pliers (nippers) their spring loading is very convenient. Another highlight of the Gerber Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend is the Gator-tex insert in the tool handles, which ensure a comfortable and safe use of the tool.

The main characteristics of the multitool Gerber Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend.

Tools: pliers, wire cutters, knife, large flat screwdriver, medium flat screwdriver, clock flat screwdriver, large Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, scissors, tweezers. All tools are lockable.
Material: scissors, blade and tools stainless steel, aluminum handles, polymer inserts from Gator-tex.
Dimensions: 108 mm / 170 mm (closed / open).
Weight: 250g.

Build and Design by Gerber Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend.

First of all, massive thick pens attract attention. However, they are massive in the literal sense of the word only at first glance. The fact is that they are not made of stainless steel, but of aluminum. All tools in the working position are locked, the pliers are pressed in the working and folded position by spring plates. Inside the pliers hinge is a spring-loaded opening mechanism.

Nippers are made in the form of carbide triangular inserts, with three cutting edges. The inserts are secured with hexagon socket screws. The hinges of all objects and the fastening of the pliers are equipped with the same screws. An internal hex key (as well as a case) is included in the scope of delivery. All items (except for pliers) can be opened without opening the tool completely. Moreover, the housewife’s knife can be opened with the thumb of the right hand (the tool is in the same hand).

Gerber Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend Functionality.

The notch on the jaws of the pliers is not completely applied, the very tips of the jaws are flat. This allows you to use pliers as tweezers. In the hinge of the pliers there is a spring working to open the jaws. This is convenient, but the effort is a bit overpriced. Apparently, thanks to the same spring mechanism, the opening of the jaw of the jaws is so small only 22 mm. In addition, there is a possibility that the spring will break sooner or later. True, pliers work fine even without a spring.

When the cutting surface of the carbide insert is worn, you can unscrew the fixing screw, turn the insert 1/3 of a turn, and use a different cutting edge. Screwdrivers are good, medium combined with a bottle opener.

The disadvantage is not clear why there is no can opener, most likely the tool is designed for the American consumer, they all open canned food manually. Phillips screwdriver foreseen for standard screwdriver bits.

The scissors open with one hand (thumb), however, to bring them into working position, a second hand is still required. The functionality of the scissors is pretty much cut back. The length of the cutting parts is only 13 mm. The thickness of the cutting parts is approximately 1 mm, and due to this, problems arise when cutting many hard materials (cardboard, thin plastic) (the cut edge falls into the dead zone of the scissors).

The design of the scissors uses a wire spring, which is rather unreliable in appearance. If it breaks, the scissors will no longer spring. When opening the scissors, you must be careful when opening in the wrong direction, the spring may fly out of the correct position, and you will have to return it.

Ergonomics Gerber Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend.

Unlike most other tools, the Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend is distinguished by the presence of polymer pads made of Gator-tex material on the handles. Most likely, this is done so that the handles do not slip during operation. However, this point is quite controversial with dry hands, even metal handles do not slip, and with wet (sweating) plastic pads slip even better than metal.

The second point regarding the handles when working with pliers with great effort, the jagged tabs protruding from both sides painfully cut into the palm of the hand. The knife easily extends with one hand; the pin for this is riveted to the blade. This is much more convenient than the slots in the blades..

Screwdrivers for translation into working position are picked up with a fingernail for special projections. This is less convenient than the standard method (side slot). In general, in this multitool objects put forward quite tightly. Although you can easily adjust the forces with the included wrench by tightening or loosening the joints.

The release system is secure. Served for better grip sliders are located on both sides of the handle, but they can only be moved with two fingers thumb and forefinger. Moreover, the sliders are quite tight.

Gerber Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend Case.

Black nylon case with orange Gerber inscription and velcro fastener included. The cover is not very successful. It does not hold its shape well, an empty cover folds into a flat envelope. When wearing narem on the right and walking, the sharp edge of the cover touches the arm and causes pain. The clasp is not too reliable, it tends to be unfastened. And finally, there are no additional pockets in the case, for example, for the key included in the kit.

General conclusions about the multitool Gerber Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend.

Good :

Spring loaded pliers.
Interesting cutter design with swivel and replaceable carbide inserts.
Fixing all items in working position.
Ability to adjust all hinges with the included wrench.
Ability to work (using an adapter) with standard 1/4 screwdriver bits.
Lifetime branded warranty if used properly.

Poorly :

A small set of tools, not enough awl and can opener.
Not wide opening angle of jaws of pliers.
Not very successful design of scissors.

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