Multitul in the life of modern man

Multitool (from the English. Multitool – a lot of tools) – an ergonomic and functional trips. The idea of ​​its creation belongs Timothy lezerman It’s been a European business trip (1975). The need for a multifunctional compact tool.

It took almost 5 years Mr.Crunch, obtaining patent US4238862 and launching Lethermann’s own enterprise. Its products and today is the benchmark among the multifunctional tools. Price multitool brand is high, but fully justified. That is why the company gives a 25-year warranty.

Unforeseen situations. It takes 30 seconds to complete the tool. At the same time you can use only one hand.

How to choose a multi-tool?

Multitul practical and multi-functional. However, it is not necessary for specific purposes, the structure is inevitable. It is important to choose the tool. For the flat, there is a flat single-element multitools for carrying the keys.

Next, you should determine the specific purpose of use. Before buying a multitool, it is important to make 2 lists. In the first, specify the repair tasks that often have to be solved. You may need tools. According to these lists and selected multitool. There are Leatherman kits for skateboarders, archers, firearms maintenance. Developed models that can break the metal, cut glass.

Flashlights from street vendors. It is often found. The purchase of fakes and frankly.

Before buying it and choosing a specific model. In addition to the “gold standard” (Lethermann), manufacturers of Victorinox, Gerber, Wenger, Arhont, Zubr are working on the international market. The cost of these products is justified.

Separately, it should be noted brand Ganzo (China). This equipment is one of the special forces.

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