Multitul Leatherman Rebar

Leatherman – one of the best manufacturers of multitools. The multipurpose tool, under the name Rebar, has a whole arsenal of functions. This tool is not easy to use.

For comparison, there is a multitul “smoker” Kniper. It was a little bit … I’d rather be able to do it.

But back to Leatherman rebare.

The arsenal of functions of the multitool, as already mentioned, is wide. The list of tools is as follows:

  • Regular 420 HC steel knife
  • Knife-serrated from the same steel
  • Pliers tapering towards the end
  • Wire or Wire Cutter
  • Crimper (device for connecting wires)
  • File for wood or metal
  • Small saw
  • Screwdrivers (two flat and one cross)
  • Can-opener
  • “Ring” to work with an awl (located in the canning knife)
  • Ruler (marking on 8 inches or 20 centimeters)
  • Bottle opener
  • Wire stripper
  • Ring for hanging

The tools of the tool are decomposed by 180 degrees and fixed.

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It has been found that it can be removed from it.

Properties and characteristics of the multitool Leatherman Rebar

Material Stainless tool steel
Length folded 10.16 cm
Knife length 7.36 cm
Weight 186.94 gr
Warranty period 25 years

The tool is great. Took a place in my EDC kit immediately after purchase. He helped me not. Sharpening is easy to cut. With the help of wire cutters, even thick wire could be eaten. However, it’s possible to accept the challenge of the company. Leatherman bite bullets in flight or open tanks. My rating is 9.8 / 10.


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