Mushroom cultivation. Part 1: Preparation of Mycelium

It can be a lot of tension, even if it’s on the surface. Too much competition, too many edible species perished. So it is necessary to somehow organize autonomous agriculture. But what is the question? We’ll focus on the most simple and effective – mushroom cultivation.

About cooking mushroom culture we’ve already written Especially when you’re working, preparation of mycelium. The fact is that our original mycelium not yet adapted for the development of large amounts of land or compost. This is the “germ” of a future mycelium, fairly resilient, but not active enough. But the chance of germination is extremely small. Yes, the seedlings will have to wait much further. Therefore, the primary task at the moment – preparation of mycelium and increase its volume.

We have two options: either cereal mycelium, or mycelium on sticks. Each method has its drawbacks and its pluses. It will be your best choice. In addition, the champignons do not grow well on the sticks compared to grain. Now, if we worked with oyster mushrooms, then another thing. So, preparation of mycelium for sowing grain.

First you need prepare the grain. What is not important. Oats, corn, wheat – all fit. Fifteen liters of water. Set it up. The main criterion – the grain should not be soft, but not boiled soft. It is clear that the dyes out. After that, we pour the grain into plastic bottles or plastic bags.

Actually, everything can be ruined at this stage. It must be sterile. This applies to both grain and tare. And yes, despite the fact that it doesn’t guarantee sterility. Indeed, during drying, it could get microorganisms from the atmosphere. Therefore, doing so. Tara boil for two hours. After that, the grain is poured there and boiled again. An important fact – the grain should not get wet. After the lamp has been passed in. This is another hour. Turn off the lamp, allow it to cool. This is a chance to take a chance on the air. It took 15 minutes – you can proceed to the final stage preparation of mycelium.

As you remember, it can be a dishwashed medium or petri dish with a medium medium that has been mastered. Inoculating loop (pre-calcined in the burner flame), separate the part of the mycelium, pick up and move to a new substrate. If there is a need to go ahead, there will be a number of points. At a stable temperature of 24 degrees. If there is a thermostat – great. If not, check the temperature of the can. Actually preparation of mycelium finished – it remains only to wait for germination. It will take about two weeks.

There may be some technical difficulties. So, the jar is sterile, the lid is sterile, the medium is sterile, everything seems to be sterile. Sowing on the table. At this point, the sterility may be stupidly broken, since it can be used. Therefore, before sealing the jar, we burn it. That is why they must be metal. If you’re working, you can’t make it up. I was once taught at bacteriology.

What can go wrong during preparation of mycelium:

  • Corn could boil badly and remain tough. Mycelium basically grows, but slowly. It is not terrible to fully develop the substrate.
  • Grain boiled soft, nutrients destroyed. Mycelium will not be able to master everything, since there are no resources. May turn out relatively weak and in small quantities. At the peril and risk.
  • Sterilization didn’t help, the bacteria were listed. Mycelium is likely to lose competition with colonies of bacteria. Therefore, simply nothing will grow. Can grain be reused? It has been grown there.
  • Violated temperature conditions. If less than 24, the mycelium will continue to grow, only slowly. If it is higher, it will be in the center. If it rises above 30, there is a chance that some of the mycelium will die.

If everything went well, then we get a jar of grain, which is uniformly sprouted by the thinnest whitish threads. It’s denser, thicker and thicker, even to a homogeneous whitish array, with single grains. can it be on the compost, and on the straw, and anywhere. He is practically not afraid of bacteria. But we’ll talk about it.

Mushroom cultivation. Part 2. Preparation of mycelium

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