Mushroom picking and what you should know

Autumn is a great time of the year. Not for everyone, of course. Are clearly not thrilled by the fall. But it would be wise. Largely due at this time. Business with pleasure! Here are just picking mushrooms – a rather complicated matter. After all, if they are scored and tasteless, then even one hundred percent edible fungus may be spoiled and tasteless. Therefore, it should be remembered. So:

Not sure – do not take

This is a reflex. If you can’t say what you’re dealing with. Seriously, mushrooms – And you can’t get out. If you’re after a few minutes. And in any case, do not taste. Yes, of course, it’s possible to notice bitter noticeably, so you can’t try it. If you feel very good – immediately after you’ve made a drink! The suspicion of mushroom poisoning is no joke!

Take only quality

If the mushroom is wormy, old or dented – it is not necessary to take it. It’s seriously, it’s possible to look at your desk. It is time to accumulate, which is not good for food. It will make it easier to hang around. As for crumpled mushrooms, they can simply deteriorate during transportation. Also, they grow better.

Choose the right location

Mushroom is a very interesting thing. The area of ​​mycelium encompass almost square kilometers of soil, incorporating various beneficial substances. But, unfortunately, not only them. Fruit salts of mushrooms accumulate various toxins, salts of heavy metals. radionuclides and other stuff. Even an absolutely edible brownberry, being collected somewhere in the Chernobyl area, will be no less dangerous than the pale grebe. So that you can not pick the mushrooms along the paths and railways.

Mushroom correctly

If you take it out, you will not be able to find out about 90 percent. If the fungus is simply plucked up Therefore, the fungus must be plucked carefully. It would be a little bit more harm to it. You can also make it for you.

Use the right tare

Ideal – a wide and shallow basket of natural materials. In it, the mushrooms can “breathe”, so they deteriorate rather slowly. In addition, they’re avoiding crumbling and breaking the caps. It will be a lot of hemped clothes.

Properly behave after collecting

Do not pick too many mushrooms – they are quickly and poorly stored. It is advisable immediately after cleaning it out. After that, it is better to proceed to the harvesting. It is a rather interesting way to get it. There are a few cloves of garlic added. If everything is fine, it will be fine. If not – garlic will get a bluish color. This is not a rule. It is not necessary for health.

As you can see, everything is quite simple. The main thing is to understand the differences between edible and poisonous mushrooms. And if you follow these rules, then “quiet hunting” will bring you positive emotions!

Mushroom picking and what you should know

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