Mushroom poisoning: options, symptoms, first aid

It is a huge number of poisonous animals, it’s clear that it’s not consumed. And for quite some time. But are not periodically poisoned. Inattention, violation of safety, and banal of greed

With this, the symptoms poisoning with various mushrooms can be seriously different. It has been the case that the mushroom has become cause of poisoning. Why do you need to know? Weird question. If I’m passing by myself, I’ll pass myself ”- then yes, it will. Totally. Soon. If you are caring for your body, you can eat it. DO NOT need to collect. So.

Poisonous toadstool poisoning

Perhaps the most lousy thing that could happen to you. It contains a special poison to phalloidin. It binds contractile proteins. And in large doses, and even in combination with alpha-amanitin causes destruction of liver cells. But, it’s not a problem. It may take 24 hours before the symptoms of liver damage begin to manifest. And during this time, you have been absorbed in the intestines, it has already been absorbed. Damage to liver and kidneys, including liver and kidney failure, which lead to death.

There are sharp and severe abdominal pains (6 – 24 hours after eating), indomitable vomiting, sharpness and body pain, confusion. Also, almost all the symptoms of damage to the liver and kidneys. Due to the abundant loss of fluids and calcium, may occur.

Death from pale toadstool poisoning occurs in more than 70 percent of cases. And those who survive, then suffer from hepatitis, cirrhosis and kidney damage. So it’s better mushroom poisoning.

Psilocybin poisoning

Fortunately, these mushrooms are not found in our latitudes in the wild. And they are usually a rush to bring in the hallucinatory psychosis. Hence the symptoms – confusion, pupil dilation, lowering blood pressure, hallucinations. Actually, they represent the greatest problem. It can be both a state and a harm. It is not necessary to tolerate psilocin, it is a matter of time. Then no. Do not use this stuff, even as an experiment.

Treatment – fixing the patient, induce vomiting, flush the stomach, give activated charcoal. Then the narcologist drag. For nefig.

Poisoning fly agarics

It all depends on the type, since it has been the case for all its own. The most dangerous are muscarine, muscaridin and bufoten. Muscaridin affects the intestines, it affects the intestines of the body of the body, and the cholinergic receptors. Depending on the number of fly-agaric, it is possible to complete the cardiac activity. But this is a rare case.

Treatment – gastric lavage, activated carbon, holinoblokatory, rest, drink plenty. And then you can eat it. And deliberately upazyvatsya “natural product” – complete debilizm.

Poisoning mushrooms containing muscarine

There are some types of mushrooms, which contain only muscarin. There are various fiber boxes and some talkers. So here. 2 hours after consumption, muscarinic syndrome appears – a decrease in the rate of the pupils, an uncontrolled salivation. Light confusion may occur. Most often, this is where it ends, but sometimes mushroom poisoning The cardiovascular system occurs. Treatment – atropine and various M-holinoblokatorov – atropine and various muscarine antagonists.

Manure poisoning

Copulate refers to conditionally edible mushrooms. It is important to make sure that you can drink it. Then everything will be fine and peaceful. But if this rule is violated, it will be extremely unpleasant, although not fatal, mushroom poisoning. The fact that it is the dung box contains a substance koprin. Which has a toxic effect on the body.

The main symptoms are: anxiety, slow heart rate, abdominal pain (mild but prolonged), weakness. It begins to lasts up to two days. It will be a bit dangerous. In concession intolerance to alcohol. Nothing fatal, but unpleasant. It does not require specific treatment – gastric lavage, activated carbon, rest, plentiful drink.

Morel poisoning and stitching

These mushrooms are both edible, and quite quite poisonous. Although it is to be honest, gyrometrin is found in all types of these mushrooms. It is destroyed by digestion in several waters. So you can get all the symptoms mushroom poisoning. And then it all depends on the number.

Gyrometrin – hemolytic poison. That is, yes, it is a rule, that it can be used to reduce the amount of blood and oxygen. Liver failure, coma and death. In the lung – nausea, yellowness. weakness, shortness of breath, drowsiness. It feels pretty fluster.

Basically, any mushroom poisoning – indication for hospitalization. There will be a way for you to be washed out, and you will be monitored for your condition. There is no need to delay your time. It will be for you. It is 100% sure.

Mushroom poisoning: options for poisoning, symptoms, first aid

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