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It is a chemical poisoning agent.

The yellowish or greenish tint appears. It was believed.

Physico-chemical characteristics of mustard gas

This chemical agent has the formula (Cl – CH2CH2) 2S. Mustard gas belongs to the skin-blister means, completely reduced amounts of gas. It is also permeable.

For the first time she wore shells with mustard gas. It happened under the town of Ypres (Belgium) in 1917. About 2.5 thousand people were poisoned.

It was possible.

World War I went down in a gigantic order. Even during World War II, they were spent much less. It was about 12 thousand tons of soldiers! About 400 thousand people received the most severe poisonings.

Why is he so dangerous?

The substance immediately gained extremely bad reputation even from the German troops. To begin with the gaseous state must evaporates very slowly. It is deadly for all living things. But much worse than the effect.

Amazing effect

Since mustard gas has a blistering action, the skin is hit first. Filled with yellowish ichorus and pus. Affected people go blind, they have increased tears, hypersalivation. When the dispersion suspension gets severe, there is severe diarrhea, nausea, and spasmodic pains in the stomach.

Mustard must be very insidious, symptoms can appear only after 12 hours or even after a day. After the concentration of the couple were hours after a couple of hours.

An example of combat effectiveness

In 1918, English General for the wounded and mustard-fighting soldiers in a sanitary train. Arriving at the next station, they had to pick up another batch of wounded soldiers. He said that he had forgotten how to use it. Then hungry for a little while.

As it turned out, it was not the case. During the night they evaporated. Can be a serious eye damage. Fortunately, he was cured, but it took three (!) Months. Just think for some months. Found in the epicenter … [nextpage title = “Mortality”]

100% of cases. Although it takes a lot of time. However, there are many ways to go. Seeing chronic diseases.

It is a fact that it should not be noted.

It is a process that has been treated very, very badly. Survivors often have to suppress, poisoning and decay products. It is always (90%) that it will remain disabled.

Factors affecting the effectiveness of mustard gas

It was noticed that it was working almost immediately after the gas. The skin becomes thinner. At a temperature of only 14 degrees Celsius, mustard gas freezes quickly. Unfortunately, it becomes possible that this chemical warfare agent becomes much more stable. Moreover, it can be used even in countries with very cold climates. In particular, it was developed in particular, it was used even in the Arctic. The mechanism of action is to be followed. It begins to evaporate intensively. Considering that it was still poisonous, it would be dangerous for many decades.

Long term effects

Alas, it’s not a matter of poisoning with mustard gas. The poisonous substance is grossly damages human DNA. The soldiers who are underwent chemical attacks near Ypres. They have been living reproductive age. It is a percentage of deformities. Mustard gas is a powerful carcinogen and mutagen. There is still an increased incidence of cancer.

The current state of affairs

It has been said that there has been a ban on it. This was a successor. It was only after endless bureaucratic squabbles. And only in 1993, it was almost completely banned. Worldwide chemical weapons residues are currently being disposed of. In the area of ​​Syria. Poison will soon be completely recycled.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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