My country is wide: Where to run from the Third World

If you’re slowly, you’re late. Shelter, taking the documents and an interesting book. In the case of the Third World War?

Attention! This is not a real instruction. It is not a smart card.

What about nuclear winter?

There will be no nuclear winter. It was not correct. The USA for 2016 had 1367 nuclear warheads on 681 deployed strategic carriers. If the war doesn’t start.

Sewing a pattern of nuclear war – will fail. Taking into account duplication (for reliability)

Bomb Poshekhonye, ​​no one will.

It is worth remembering: “clean” than bombs falling on Japan. It will not be the case.

A separate question is the logistics of movements. You shouldn’t get there Kamchatka, Sakhalin and Norilsk are very strongly dependent on supplies from the “mainland”, and after “Bada-Boom” Far from the war – does not mean good. In addition, Norilsk is likely to be included in the list of strategic sites.

Separately, it should be said about Kaliningrad. Yes, yes, this is also not an option.

For all or even military units? Ideally, you need at least three hundred kilometers. Otherwise you risk a lot.

My country is wide: where to run from the Third World

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