Myocardial infarction: where is it?

– Misha, if you have a heart attack
(Odessa joke)

Myocardial infarction – what is it?

It is a condition that the blood supply occurs.

We can say that this is the most formidable transient disease. Only one third of those who live in the hospital. Such is the world statistics.

Most often, heart attacks occur in the morning, after waking up. Men after 35 and women after 50 years are subject to them. Although there are cases of heart attacks in 16 year old boys.

Symptoms of heart attack

The main symptom of myocardial infarction is the most severe pain behind the sternum. It starts without much physical exertion, suddenly. May give to the left collarbone, hand. Pain can not be removed with nitroglycerin. This is a typical form of heart attack.

However, there are atypical forms, accompanied by completely unexpected signs:

  • Abdominal form – pain localized in the upper abdomen; vomiting, nausea and bloating are also present. Well, what is not pancreatitis?
  • Asthmatic form – severe shortness of breath.
  • Cerebral form – of dizziness and impaired consciousness.
  • The painless form is most common for patients with diabetes mellitus,

It is also possible to find out how to make it.

First aid for heart attack

A nitroglycerin tablet. Does not help within 5 minutes? Give it a little more time for a heart attack. And now we act like this:

  1. Loosen tight clothing, take off belt and tie.
  2. Give the sufferer aspirin at a dosage of up to 500 mg (usually 300 mg), make sure you chew quickly.
  3. In the case of cardiac arrest, immediately begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation – It is a 100-minute keystrokes per minute. one person.

Here, we simply don’t really want to lose it. Then we will complain

Has the ambulance arrived? Do you want to put on your skin?

Great, your post is handed over. Thank you very much.

Risk factors

It doesn’t fall for your head. There are

  • Smoking – nicotine spoils not only the lungs. It also has a detrimental effect on the vessels.
  • Increased pressure (more than 140/90 mmHg. Art.)
  • The increased bad cholesterol is the “fat” plaques of the vessel ..
  • Age of life gets tired.
  • If you’re a person, you’re sitting on the skin And as a result – obesity
  • Alcoholism – liver, lungs, heart, brain – everything suffers here.
  • Diabetes
  • Gender (men are more susceptible to this disease, women are at risk after 50 years).

Cardiology. Joining any new increases your chances exponentially.

Prevention of myocardial infarction and self-help

  • Keep your pressure normal
  • Watch your blood sugar
  • Increase physical activity
  • Stop smoking
  • Lose weight

So yes, you need to lead a healthier lifestyle. Immortality, but it will greatly increase the chances of approaching it.

And now you need a heart attack:

  • If suddenly your heart aches suddenly, stop – sit down. Lean back against the wall, bench, tree.
  • It is a little scoop of a finger. This will expand the coronary vessels.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale strongly cough. Inhale again, repeat. Continue for 2 minutes. When coughing the heart is easier to pump blood.
  • Try rubbing the sternum to redness. It helps to improve the oxygen supply to the heart region.

Tips are quite trivial, and yet, quite effective. But I still need them.

So live happily ever after.

And bless you.

The medicine

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