Myth of melee distances

I am the author of the recordings. melee range, CQB (Close Quarters Battle). Often this affects the choice of equipment, education and training. It is even possible to hear from other instructors or Internet experts. CQB, so-called close combat, only exists within 25 meters. It’s 10.5 inches, it’s not necessary for short distances.

First of all, I want to identify a delusion: CQB – Warfare in buildings. The Word “The Neighbor” short-range aiming technique, or CQE (Close Quarter’s Engagement).

CQE – This is an approach to nearby targets.

Are we applying CQE, when we carry out CQB? Of course, yes.
But does CQB on the distances at which the equipment CQE becomes ineffective? The answer is the same.

Entangled? Think I’m carrying bullshit? Let’s take a closer look at what we are discussing.

Many myths about CQB exist due to training limitations and use ammunition simulation (Simmunitions) and UTM, as a replacement for real. This is not a limited number of people. Most of the rooms are at 20-30 meters in length.

Shooting range of 50 meters. So if we train in this setting, we have to adapt to it. In this case, it’s not a problem. What happens when the methodology is put into practice.

Let’s use imaginary as an example. SWAT group. Distance shot they used. Our group receives a call to a psychopathic incident at a local school. They undertake an assault and use the main entrance. It is a very large educational institution. What are the distances here?

Now, let’s say they go to check out the classrooms. In the case of distance, we are talking about? And if this is a hotel lobby? Cinema? Stadium?

Now got an idea? All these distances exceed 25-50 meters tactical training. “But this is not close combat,” you say. You are wrong, you are confused. However, methods may no longer be suitable here.

I’m not a pump-up, or a 200-meter-corridor, or a moving 10-meter room. This is where you can use it.

Yeah right i’m talking about bedding and about melee in the same paragraph. It is just a need to get it right for you. Remember to take a shot. Will you be confident of a distance of 20 meters in motion? If you say yes, then try to start.

The melee is 25 meters. Our assault team has 10.5-inch trunks on their carbines, and in their stores 62 Faceted TAP Cartridges. Over the ears, huh? This in reality does not happen? And we are supplementing it. 1 enters the main corridor and immediately designates itself arrow psychopath, who immediately uses the hostage as a human shield. Shooter continues to shoot at others.

Suppose that the operator No. It’s not always a matter of course. Will our operator return home, covered with glory? Not. It was 50 meters, it was the trainer. .

If you’re not sure, you’re trying to find out what you’re trying to do. Operator # 1 for 200 inches lower than 200 inches. The bullet flushes the hostage arrow-psychopath and another hostage.


  1. Melee, CQB – does not mean “short distances.”
  2. It is not a problem to set limits on your comfort zone.
  3. Short rifles, SBR – not the best tool for CQB, if you haven’t thought in advance over the choice of ammunition.
  4. You are ready for it at 25 meters.
  5. Standard aiming points are non-standard barrels and used ammunition.

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