National knives: Mower – Old Russian “machete”

What is a machete? It is a universal knife for survival, which can be chopped with grass. It is very useful in this case. Slavs Lives It’s not a problem in any case of quality or universality. And this knife was called – mower.

Speaking title, right? Well, right, because very often such knives were made of metal scrap. Very economical and quite functional. There are several variations of the word “cut”. Well, to hell with it – philologists also need to work out a salary. However, bronze knives are found that strongly resemble modern / classical mowers. Is that the blade tapers slightly at the handle. But the appointment, presumably, they had the same thing.

In fact, mower – knife with a wide, straight, long and thick blade. The tip of the blade is often rounded or broken off. The thickness of the blade is sometimes reached 10 mm. The length of the blade – on average, from 15 cm and more. Butt straight, often thickened. It is a wooden lining on the rivets or with ring fastening, sometimes a stalked mounting. Even more rarely, they stupidly left a metal bar with the corners were rounded.

Depending on the destination mower, the models differed slightly in shape. Most of the time it was used to make it. In this case, it has often been thrown away, since it has been a rule for greater efficiency. Hence the alternative name. mower – “woman’s ax”. I am not a woman. In addition, this mower down and down, below the level of the blade.

Also mower used for scraping various surfaces. Most often – sex in huts. Splinters, and a wooden floor after the procedure. So, it was a scaver, so it was a knife, it was something like a sweater, and it was not stupidly straight.

Still mower used for splintering torches. I was able to see the oven. Because it was easier to harvest the splinter right on the spot. Therefore, it was slightly heavier, for it was only for safety reasons.

Besides, mower It was really a good idea to use really strong blows. There have been a number of cases of domestic violence. mower would occupy far from the last position there.

Shape, fucking steel, rounded / broken end, officially mower It is therefore not a cold weapon, therefore it can be safely stored at home and used in everyday life. Even now it can be found in the villages. It is causyr, kosyr, kizyr, in short, randomly.

As you see mower – really universal economic knife. No worse than a machete, just less promoted.

National knives: Mower &# 8212; Old Russian “machete”

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