Nausea Remedies: Fast & Natural Methods You Should Know

Nausea Remedies: Fast & Natural Methods You Should Know

Are you looking for natural remedies for nausea? It is usually characterized by the feeling or desire to vomit, nausea can be short-lived or recurrent, depending on the cause (if it is a symptom of a medical condition, such as the upper gastrointestinal tract or small intestine or a disorder in an organ / s outside the gastrointestinal tract).

Remember, nausea originates in the vomiting center of the brain, which results in the feeling of nausea (and vomiting). But for most people, the symptoms can be difficult to describe, although it is common to feel uncomfortable sensations in the back of the throat, chest or upper abdomen.

It is usually not painful, it can also be associated or combined with dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain or headache or it can be due to side effects of medications, including pain, dizziness, pregnancy, viral infection, brain disease, gallbladder and pancreas. disorder.

By saying these things, you may already feel that the feeling of nausea is uncomfortable but not painful, and in many cases, your roots should be identified and treated to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling and dehydration (something that could get worse). nausea). And if this is happening to you, you should consume a lot of fluids to avoid aggravating the condition of your stomach, mainly by drinking or drinking fruit juices, sports drinks and ginger ale, to mention some common remedies that people apply when they experience vomiting.

Natural remedy for pregnant nausea.

If you are pregnant experiencing nausea (morning sickness) and have been looking for natural solutions, this guide may be for you, as we will discuss some useful home solutions to treat it.

Nausea Remedies: Fast & Natural Methods You Should Know

Usually, it is felt in the morning (but can also occur at other times of the day), nausea of ​​pregnant women occur in the first weeks and end in week 14. Not too long ago, pregnant women who suffered from Morning nausea took antiemetic drugs (to prevent vomiting), but now they are only prescribed for severe cases.

Commonly, home remedies for nausea are suggested, such as not allowing an empty stomach, one of the most common solutions recommended by doctors. By saying that pregnant women should try to eat small meals (especially easy to digest) frequently and avoid the three large meals that are consumed daily.

Natural treatment for motion sickness (nausea).

If you suffered from motion sickness, a condition of discomfort accompanied by dizziness and dizziness when traveling, a home remedy for nausea You could apply yourself by lying down as soon as you felt it and then breathing fresh air (through an open window). You should also avoid any activity, including reading, that requires you to concentrate closely while moving. There are also several over-the-counter medications, including antihistamines, if the above do not work.

But then, if you almost always suffer from dizziness and make long trips, you may want to look for patches for scopolamine (ask for a prescription). Keep in mind that this is not without side effects, such as vision problems, dry mouth and drowsiness. Finally, you should stay away from medications, including Tylenol and aspirin that cause upset stomach, which obviously improves your condition.

Once the nausea has disappeared, do not try to consume a large meal, but take only, as far as possible, a BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast). At all costs, avoid oily dairy foods until it is completely OK.

Nausea Remedies: Fast & Natural Methods You Should Know

You can also make a toast with milk (a type of soft food) to tame your belly. These two are useful remedies to treat nausea because the bread absorbs excess stomach acid and milk covers the belly, functioning like aspirin but without damaging the empty stomach. However, you will not want to drink milk directly because it can upset your stomach immediately, but first you should eat a toast.

To prepare it, you will need a cup of milk, unsalted butter and a piece of toast. Heat a cup of milk until it is hot (not boiling). Pour into a bowl and reserve. Then toast a piece of bread and spread the butter without salt. Crumble the toast in your milk. And that is! Eat slowly and get rid of nausea.

Reminder: Skip toast with milk if you have stomach flu or gastroenteritis because your stomach can hardly process and react badly to dairy products.

Now, if the uncomfortable feeling persists and you experience severe abdominal pain, along with symptoms of vomiting and dehydration, such as dry mouth, sunken eye appearance and rapid heart rate, consult your doctor immediately. (Remember that nausea should not persist and, therefore, should go away faster).

Have some ginger, a natural remedy for nausea.

A home remedy for nausea includes ginger, one of the most common traditional remedies used by people suffering from nausea. In any form (tea, raw or even ginger ale), it is guaranteed that ginger stops nausea because it promotes the rapid action of various digestive enzymes or juices to neutralize heartburn and contains “phenols”, which immediately relax the stomach muscles and sedan irritated. One, reducing its activities.

In addition, ginger phenols also help move digested foods, as well as toxic substances through your system, allowing you to get rid of the food / bad things that make you sick. You can consume a ginger capsule, just nibble a small piece of ginger root, laugh and put them in the soup.

For many, they prefer to make ginger tea to soothe their upset stomach. And to do so, get a 2-inch ginger root, a peeler, a cutting board, waxed paper, two cups of water and honey (optional). Wash the ginger root before peeling and cut it into pieces.

Nausea Remedies: Fast & Natural Methods You Should Know

Cover with waxed paper and crush very small, while boiling two cups of water. When it boils, add the crushed ginger and boil for another three minutes. Then, remove the pan from the stove and strain the ginger tea, if desired. Pour it into a jar and place some honey before drinking slowly to soothe the upset stomach.

Alternatively, you can prepare ginger ale for the treatment of nausea and, to do so, you will need two cups of peeled and chopped ginger, three quarts of soda, half a cup of sugar, ice cubes and three or four lemon or lime peels. . Get a saucepan and combine ingredients, such as ginger root, lemon or lime peel and four cups of water.

Bring them to a boil for a couple of minutes and then lower the temperature and simmer for about ten minutes. Then, add the sugar while stirring and continue to boil until only three cups of the mixture remain (usually after about 15 minutes). Remove from heat and cover over large bowl. Cool the syrup and cool it in a covered container.

Add a quarter of the cup of ginger syrup in a club soda cup before pouring some ice and adding flavor, as desired. * This syrup can last up to a week if it is refrigerated.

Do not fight against the need to vomit

If you feel like vomiting, do so because it indicates that something is hurting your stomach and helps you feel better afterwards. It also should not contain the need to vomit, as it could cause damage to the esophagus due to stomach acid that remains in your throat. However, if nausea is accompanied by frequent vomiting, consult your doctor to avoid dehydration.

Practice the mind over matter.

Manage your anxiety Did you know that anxious people experience nausea more often than those who are not? Mind over matter is a great thing to remember because nervousness, let’s say, can cause nausea. Many times, nausea can be the result of what is inside your head, in addition to what is happening in your body.

Nausea Remedies: Fast & Natural Methods You Should Know

For example, do not be afraid of vomiting, but think about how you feel better if you feel better. As you can see in this example, if you are removing the power of your thinking, anxiety and nausea will finally leave you alone.

Without even saying it, you can become your worst enemy, as in the case of other people. Sometimes you feel nauseous because you think and worry about nausea, especially in unlikely situations, such as on a date, in a meeting or during a class. The more worried you are about nausea, the more you will cling to your thoughts.

To address the problem and take away the power of your mind, you must learn to accept that you could vomit and let go. Another thing to combat the nausea caused by anxiety is to breathe fresh air and take slow sips of fluids to give you something to concentrate on so you can feel better.

Kick to expel nausea

One of the main causes of nausea is poor blood circulation, especially if you also feel dizzy. To get rid of the uncomfortable feeling, you can make certain positions, which will help to pump blood or prevent it from rushing. Lifting the heels can also help you achieve a balance or stability in the blood circulation.

Nausea Remedies: Fast & Natural Methods You Should Know

To do so, you can find a place, including a quiet, dark room, where you can lie down. Keep your head flat and, ideally, without pillows or with only thin pillows. Begin to bend your knees, while you are breathing. Then, begin to sit with your back against a wall. While breathing deeply, place your head between your knees, which should also be raised.

Suck frozen / non-frozen fruit as a home remedy for nausea

Always have some slices of fruit, particularly lemon or lime, packed and stored in the freezer. You can use them every time you feel nauseous because they have that scent to calm the upset stomach, distract you and transform the sensation into something better compared to the sensation of “wet mouth” that you experience when you have nausea. When you start to feel nauseous, you can get a slice of lemon and suck it.

Stretching to get rid of nausea.

Sometimes, nausea is caused by pain in the neck and upper back, something that causes recurrent nausea (an indicator that tells how your body reacts to discomfort or pain). You can try some simple stretches of the back and neck to eliminate the tension that causes dizziness.

Alternatively, you can try lying on the floor to perform some back exercises on a yoga mat. It can be positioned as if it were bending, except when lifting the entire center section. What you should do is lift your upper body while arching and stretching your back, as you are tilting your head back as far as you can.

Nausea Remedies: Fast & Natural Methods You Should Know

And for the neck exercise, you do not have to make real neck rolls, which can result in pinched nerves, dizziness and (worst) grinding on the discs. Remember, the neck vertebra is not for circular movements, and if it does, hyperextension over time can cause serious health problems. What you need to do is tilt your head forward while your chin touches your chest. You can hold this position for up to 15 seconds, while keeping your head tilted to the left, a position as if you were actually touching the ear to the shoulder. Hold the position for 15 seconds or less while you can. Do the same for the right side.

Apply cold compresses, a natural remedy for nausea.

If you suffered from nausea and were looking for a quick solution, you can apply a cold compress (not necessarily very cold) on the back of your neck. Get an ice pack or cloth soaked in cold water. Place the ice pack under your neck if you were lying down, or cover it on the back of your neck if you were sitting. Either position can work when nausea is treated with ice packs, especially if it is caused by anxiety.

Apply mint and get rid of nausea.

Working like lemon, mint (oil or tea) is a refreshing and invigorating remedy to relieve stomach upset. For quick results, you can rub a little mint oil on your gums. To do so, get mint oil and a cotton swab.

Nausea Remedies: Fast & Natural Methods You Should Know

Have a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton swab and then apply it to the gums. You can also reapply if necessary. Alternatively, you can use your clean hands if you do not have a cotton swab.

Take fresh air

In some cases, this trick does it for nausea and all you have to do is get fresh air outside to soothe your body and make the air flow over it. Alternatively, you can simply sit or lie down in front of an electric fan set at a smooth speed. You can also swing it for a more pleasant experience.

Maintain electrolyte balance as a home remedy for nausea.

It is important to maintain electrolyte balance, not only by replacing lost fluids due to vomiting, but also by balancing sodium and potassium levels. But if you can not keep food low for at least two days, you can take Gatorade or sports drinks or dilute a little in water to replace the lost electrolytes.

Do acupuncture

Known as an ancient Chinese healing tradition, acupuncture involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to get rid of the symptoms of discomfort, such as the feeling of being sick related to nausea. For this, you can use a band for nausea or simply apply acupressure, something that is said to release endorphins and serotonins, two of the body’s neurotransmitters. They can help block the unbalanced chemicals that make you feel sick.

Nausea Remedies: Fast & Natural Methods You Should Know

To start, you can apply acupuncture pressure on the “inner door” (point p6), which you can find two or three fingers wide from the crease of the upper part of the wrist at the base of the palm. Apply pressure in this region to get rid of nausea. Alternatively, you can apply acupuncture on the top and bottom of your wrist using your index finger and thumb to press where the p6 is. Do it on both sides of the wrist and keep it pressed for 30 seconds up to five minutes.

There are some of the most effective remedies to get rid of nausea at home every time you experience your symptoms. Definitely, you do not have to depend on medication but on natural remedies to find in your kitchen (ginger, lemon, lime, ice and No. 8230;) or do it alone (stretch, breathe fresh air, do neck and back exercises … ).

But remember, we are not doctors and this article is just a reference and not a basis for deciding the proper treatment of nausea. And if none of these natural remedies for nausea works and the symptoms persist for days causing attacks of discomfort, vomiting and all other symptoms, consult your doctor for an adequate diagnosis (as to whether the nausea is caused by an underlying condition. or not) and the treatment (for example, change of diet, exercise, medications) that you may need.


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