NAZ: Wearable Emergency Reserve

Naznabema butbritish sapas (there is also decoding "nimprivated butbritish sApas "). Synonym – survival kit (from English survival kit).
As a rule, it was packed in a set of tools, materials, foodstuffs, medicines, etc.


NAZ is included as part of a set of marine rescue equipment. Composition Each individual NAZ depends on the rules for weight loss, volume and many other factors. If you’re looking for a baby, you’ll find out how to make it a little bit more. as special components required in specific conditions (water, weapons, sources of fire, fishing gear, power supplies, compass, signal means, etc.). This is a period of time for which it has been established. This is what the kit has been, and usually, in its labeling.

A special feature of NAZ is compactness (the small sizes and weight) gives gives convenience of its constant carrying. Often, the NAZ is the trainer "survival knife" etc.).

Survival kit from Imminent Threat Solutions – ITS Mini Survival Kit (MSK), and using his example.

ITS Mini Survival It is a pocket set, which has been formed over the years, it has been updated, it has been updated. It’s still a clarification. Also, the set is positioned as an individual, i.e. calculated for one person.

Let # 39; s look inside what is part of:

Fire and light

  • (1) Ferrocerium (Ferro) Rod (Flint)
  • (5) Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs (igniter, tinder)
  • (6) Lifeboat Matches w / Striker ("hunting" matches + "grater")
  • (1) Fresnel Lens (lens)


  • (1) Mini Signal Mirror (compact signal mirror)


  • (1) Glow-in-the-Dark Button Compass – Grade AA (miniature compass with phosphorescent coating)

Water and food

  • (6) Feet of Brass Snare Wire (wire)
  • (6) Feet of 188 lb. Test Kevlar Cordage (lace)
  • (10) Water Purification Tabs (water purification tablets)
  • (1) Emergency Water Bag

Knives and tools

  • FRS (Folding Razor Saw) (folding saw + knife)

The medicine

  • (1) Steri-Strip R1541 (1/4? X 3? – 3 strips) (patch)
  • (1) Triple Antibiotic Packet (antibiotics)


  • (1) ITS Laser Engraved on Silver Hinged Tin (3 3/4? X 2 3/8? X 7/8?) (Which is the kit itself is assembled)
  • (1) Dri-Card Desiccant (if I’No need to note, to avoid possible accumulation of moisture or condensate inside the kit)
  • (6) Inch Strip of Duct Tape (tape)
  • (2) Rigger’s Rubber Bands (rubber bands, rings)
  • Total Kit Weight with Contents: 3.4 oz. (total whole set of slightly less than 100 grams)

The manufacturer also strongly recommends to study and test the "functions" it can be useful to you after the fact.

Ready kits

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