Nazi superpower that could change history

After graduation World War II, It was uncovered that it was a scandal.

Indiana jones were to be realized. The government has been spending so much time on them. But there wasn’t any need for attention, it’s not worth it.

V-1 Reichenberg

V-1 “Projectile” There was some kind of autopilot and a beginnings of targeting function. Initially, it was decided to build a cockpit in the newly created unmanned Rechenberg. The pilots of the projectile, in fact, were kamikaze, they were going to sign on the suicide mission.

Anti-aircraft grenade launcher (Fliegerfaust)

Imagine gatling machine gun with 9 trunks. And now that all 9 of its barrels fired rockets. In the aircraft. Known as “Air fist”, this grenade launcher had a range of 460 meters and could hit only low-flying aircraft. Apparently, it should be noted.

Missiles A9 / A10 – V-3

This is a “transatlantic” ballistic missile, which was intended for the bombing of American cities. There were only two relatively successful trials. A9 / A10, collapsed on the downward branch of the trajectory. In the 43rd project was frozen. All forces have been thrown on the development V-2.

Sound gun

It’s not the most successful development of the Nazi scientists. It was not a problem, but it was not a problem. only one experienced reminder remained sample acoustic gun.

Heinkel He 162

Designed and launched into production in 1944, Not 162 was a little less crazy project than V-1 Reichenberg. It was not necessary to follow the conventional rules. It was created about 120 aircraft, most of which crashed at the stage of flight training.

Schwerer Gustav (Fat Gustav)

Fat gustav and “Dora” It was a unique railway artillery guns. Dora tool It was successfully used during the storming of Sevastopol in 1942. Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster, couldn’t have become so mobile.

Panzer VIII Maus

Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, “Mouse” was a heavy tank, three times heavier than any German tank. It couldn’t be up to 13 meters deep. The Nazis never launched it, and the prototypes were captured by Allied forces.

Horten Ho 229

But 229 was the first turbojet aircraft, built on the aerodynamic configuration “Flying Wing”. It was notably the bomber suspicion of the enemy fighters. However, the three prototypes created no real influence on the course of the war.


German infantrymen are allowed at the angle of 30, 45 or 90 degrees. Wehrmacht couldn’t be a warrior from the rifle, even without protruding from the shelter. It has been noted that it has often not been used.

Solar cannon

What is the ruling elite of Germany? The mirror was placed on it. The mirror was hitting the enemies with a deadly sunbeam directly from space.

Nazi superpower that could change history

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