Nemley Cleaver Original Folding Knife by F. Archibeque

When the company “Something Obscene” announced the release of a new folding version of their knife Nemley cleaver, everyone was a little surprised. A leading designer Felix Archibek immediately began to persuade his comrades to take part in this matter.

Hypertrophic blade became something of a business card works Archibek. “When there are so many specialists, manufacturers and new projects around, it is extremely difficult to come up with something that will stand out from the general range.” The master offered several options Nemley cleaver, including a standard blade with a small fixed blade, a pocket-sized blade and a full-size knife with a folding blade. The last option was generally used for the first time since knives Nemley cleaver hitherto have never been collapsible.

“Something Obscene” teamed up with “We Knife Co » to create a full Nemley series. And the fact that they turned for help to Archibek, who had previously peacefully made knives in his shop “Broken Arrow”, that in Oklahoma is also slightly surprising. Archibek’s original design first fell into the hands of Elijah Ishimu “Isham Bladeworks”. “I took the sketches of Felix and created on their basis a full 2D sketch. And despite the fact that our work styles are very different, sometimes, for a change, it’s nice to work with something that is very different from the forms you are used to, ”said Ishem.

After the drawing was ready, he was sent to Kyle Chumchal of “ KC Designs » for full-scale 3D rendering. “I liked this project – it is absolutely insane,” the designer commented on this matter. From the very beginning of his work he actively used computer modeling in the manufacture of knives. “I worked with Felix Archibek on purpose to give him a better idea of ​​how his creation will look in a three-dimensional form and what is better for this to change.”

Final sizes Nemley cleaver not yet known, but Archibek is inclined to believe that the total length will be about 8.5 inches. Three color options are assumed: black blade and satin handle / satin blade and black handle / all-black knife. Release is planned for November of this year, and the price will be about $ 350.

In addition, according to tradition “Something Obscene”, It is planned to release the blade from unusual materials. “I want to use Damascus steel, as well as various interesting materials for clips, gaskets and the handle itself,” says Archibek. The cost of such an “extended edition” will be about $ 500.

Source – Archibeque and Friends Planning Something Obscene

Note The editor. No, in fact it is cool when craftsmen from different companies jointly develop an absolutely unique model of a knife. Competition, of course, moves things forward, but we should not forget about the benefits of cooperation either. Concerning Nemley cleaver, it can now be found on sale. True, the original, not a folding model. Also already appeared mini-version. And, as it seems to me, should go out well. As for specific parameters, alas, they are still not there. So, in this matter one can only be guided by the original model.

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