Network marketing, these are the networks that catch a free-fattening buyer.

Network marketing is the network that catches a free-fattening buyer. And you are a small link of that, spread across half the country, trapping network. You read the announcement of the job, come, and you are invited to participate in the distribution of goods, services or anything less material, but no less necessary for the consumer. 

Network marketing, these are the networks that catch a free-fat buyer.

And they also ask to find a couple of friends who would agree to do the same under your supervision. That is, you very quickly make a career from an ordinary distributor to an average managerial level. But in fact, you are a recruiter of free labor. Multiply network links. Perhaps they will even pay you for recruiting new recruits. Most likely not in cash, but in the percentage of the proceeds from them after the sale of the goods. Or, much worse, some abstract points and promising speeches about your imminent financial prosperity. Instead of money.

first sign of a small salesman. You are not some Danish prince who can afford some negligence. Unlike him, you will be greeted by clothes. Of course, it is imperative to delve into the technical characteristics of the goods offered. And competitive product. To be able to explain their difference and your indisputable advantage. Be able to use that product. And so that from the outside this use looks beautiful and elegant.

It would be nice to be able to speak confidentially. Charming smile. It is fascinating to look into the eyes. And promise all sorts of pleasures after acquiring several items of the offered goods. No, you messed up, I’m not talking about methods of luring clients with ladies of not the hardest behavior. Not about prostitution. This is network marketing. However, the methodology here is what is similar there. Everywhere it is necessary to attract consumer interest. Like him. Draw him into conversation. Pull money out of it.

And also try to make your ally and send for sale through friends and colleagues the goods that you just handed him. The difference between this type of entrepreneurship from the oldest one is that in this case someone else’s goods are sold, and in that case, another, their own, homegrown. And finally, the most important thing for prosperity, choosing network marketing for yourself is tenacity and shamelessness. Your task is to push the product, and at what cost, it does not matter. And if it’s important, then you better not take up this matter..

Doubt about the correctness of your business, that it is indecent to break in, you can’t cheat, insult uncivilized and so on, dooms you to one hundred percent failure. You can break in, bother, insist, run over, take to the sink and pity. Everything is possible! And even necessary. As a practical guide, I will give an example of network marketing that has observed overseas. In a country of civilized capitalism, where all these techniques are brought to perfection. To my friend (read the consumer) his friend and colleague (read the seller) came to visit and for half an hour offered to order some fancy pans from the catalog at a price equal to two used cars.

The consumer refused. The seller insisted. He insisted on another four (!) Hours, not understanding the polite hints of a late time and an early rise. Okay, he agreed you can’t take it, you can order samples, and if you don’t like them, refuse them. Just sign here and here. What is interested to read. And then you decide. And I will once again explain to you all their advantages. That is, count four more hours. The consumer really wanted to sleep and, in order to get rid, he put a signature.

Two weeks later came the pots. And then it suddenly became clear that you can’t refuse them. Because by that imprudently put signature, he undertook to buy them. And if not, then. My friend bought those pans. And you, of course, think that he never met the seller again? Since, just in case, he escaped from the city, fearing a terrible revenge. You are very naive people! I’m saying that they have civilized capitalism there and no one is running from anyone because of the fact that he set him up the day before. That seller came to him the next day.!

I understand that you are in a difficult financial situation, he sympathized with him, and I want to help you. What a twist! I suggest you find buyers for pots, and with each sale you will have … And I, as a person who solved your financial problems and an intermediary, recruited another seller to the distributor network, will have a percentage of your interest. In general, network marketing. In its ideal, to which we still have to grow and grow, option. And I will give another example, this time from the domestic practice of network marketing. Recently I was told about one budding salesman, in the future, I’m sure a prosperous domestic billionaire who has learned the rules of trade very well..

This future billionaire really wanted to sell his goods and, having come to the next office, long and tediously praised his merits. One and a half hours touted! And when he was asked to leave, he threatened that if his voice was not heeded, he … would do it on the office carpet. All the employees in the office burst out laughing because they thought he was jokingly stupid. In vain, by the way, burst out laughing. And they thought in vain that he was joking. Because he was not joking! And then, without delaying the matter, he unfastened his pants and publicly fulfilled his threat.

This salesman will get his way. And after a few years, I give my head for clipping, his noble physiognomy flashes on television screens in programs dedicated to business parties. Because he knows what he wants, and is ready to achieve whatever he wants to pay any price! Without regard to unprofitable morality. So if you can act in accordance with the given analogy, go for it. And I promise you a quick and fabulous enrichment. Only I strongly advise you not to involve relatives and friends in your marketing experiments. And even buddies. And even the neighbors.

Most marketing scams are designed to use exactly the inner circle of your friends. Those that potentially believe you. In the sweetest voices, stupid managers will convince you of the need to give a good or service to a friend who will be very well from that. Or offer that friend to work under your direction and earn a lot of money for himself and a little bit for the company. Do not believe the managers. And do not believe their masters. Just in case, do not believe it. Even when you do not see any obvious catch, but only financial benefit. You might be lucky this time. But next?

Do not risk relationships with loved ones! They are your main capital! We do not live among money among people. To my great regret, more than once my former comrades came to see me, anxious to hand over some stale goods to me and thereby curry favor with their trading superiors. They did not hand over the goods, but the relationship to the fullest. Think for yourself how your best friend will relate to you, who, having received the initial dividends, will be involved in some new MMM, where he will lose all his savings. Or, if it’s hard for you, put yourself in his place and decide whether you will, as before, have tender feelings for the person who has ruined you?

And think about whether the profit of several hundred dollars is worth eternal human values ​​and the much larger sums that you can get from your loved ones in the form of free advice, gratuitous help, or even those who are busy getting paid. So if you want to catch simpletons-clients in your networks, catch them somewhere on the side, as far as possible from your home.

I highly recommend it. Well, now imagine that you are lucky and that you are finally fabulously enriched. That is, accumulated amounts that are not able to eat in one sitting. Or, in the language of business, they got hold of available funds that I want to use somewhere, not without my benefit. What would be done with them? Maybe take and open your own company? Maybe stop hunching on the owner’s pocket? And why not open.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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