Never argue with hoplofobs

Often they say – “Truth is born in controversy“. And so, it is true, only if before you – not. hoplofob. It is meaningful. Well, see for yourself.

What does an ordinary person say?

“I want to be able to protect myself and my family”
“I am ready to go through a bunch of procedures to get a weapon”
“I will train to train it normally”
“I understand that a weapon is a huge responsibility.”

What does a hoplofob say?

“Yes, anyone can buy their offenders!”
“It’s a shot!”
“These assholes will get drunk and will surely shoot each other!”
“For the murder of the murder!”

See the difference? “I” and “They, everyone, anyone, anyone.” Personal liability and depersonalization. Alas, there is not too much depersonalization – just substitute all these words “I” instead. It will be taken for your attention. Because it measures everything by itself. Because he gets drunk. This will take away his trunk. He is what he has done. What happened to him.

But there is another honest “I.” “I’m afraid“. Here you can really believe. Hoplofoby really afraid. To horror. To tremble at the knees. To categorical refusal to accept any alternative point of view. They are afraid. And so on. After all, fearing together is not so scary right? In the herd our strength! And if you don’t have to go for a shower, you’ll have to do it. They were not lucky, but they were not lucky.

Fear. Banal fear. And the inability to openly admit it. How terrible this fear is. As far as he binds. As far as limits.

What does a man have to do with fear? Trying to overcome it – otherwise nothing. What makes hoplofob in a similar situation? Closes his eyes and tries to hide. It is not right Not true. And never be true.

It is one of those who are not ready for fucking. As children, only worse. It can be a smarter. That someone will come and save everyone. Uncle-cop. Good king-father. An enterprising uncle, actively pursuing the sins of the boyars on the Internet. They will come to everyone well.

Will not come. It’s time to grow up.

Never argue with hoplofobs

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