New American “buns” under the Russian AK

The gunsmiths from the USA do not cease to “mock” the good old Kalashnikov machine gun. What has not been invented is that there is a lever for reloading weapons on the left side, and all sorts of anatomical forearm, butts and pistol grip (here Magpul and Zenitco are all in front of the planet), there are both compact stores for 45 cartridges and capacious tambourines “65 and 85 rounds, as well as double (they are affectionately called” eggs “) for 100 rounds and even more. As we wrote earlier, Russian AK even made collapsible and modular on the principle of the AR-15 system. But the American gunsmiths are not going to stop on this either, and continue to rivet new “buns” for Kalashnikov.

Texas Weapon Systems developed a handkerchief for AK, which they call not just a handguard, but a whole system, previously not manufactured by anyone (here you can argue and give examples, but the Americans apparently mean only the domestic market of accessories for the Russian AK). As you can see in the photos, the completely native gas vent tube has been replaced, and now it is inside the forearm. The handguard is attached to the barrel with patented design sleeves that fit any thickness of the barrel. The sleeves are securely fixed at both ends of the barrel, improving the ergonomics of the weapon and the comfort of the grip in general, and the accuracy of shooting – in particular.

It’s a shame that the market of accessories for the AR-15 for many years developed along the path of modularity and convenience, making it easier for the carbine as far as possible, while the development of the “tuning” for the Russian AK was carried out in a completely different direction … It is clear that reliability and durability, but almost any handguard had oversized dimensions and heavy weight, which made the Kalashnikov assault rifle into a cumbersome monster. Texas Weapon Systems finally fixed this injustice.

Weapon accessories

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