New army camouflage: UCP

The ACI – Army Camouflage Improvement Effort. We give further 10 inaccuracies UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern).

1. The US Army will abandon its ACU uniform.

Although often UCP and ACU are used interchangeably, there is no hint that Army Combat Uniforms, Army Combat Uniform, hand over the position. In addition, it has been tuned earlier. This is a combination of cotton sweaters and pants that are still made in colors. UCP, but this is not the case.

6. The army pulls the eye-catching squares.

Probably new to us pixel wonders, because they attract attention. Such headlines are dummy, misleading.

7. Army goes to cartoons

The transition to the cartoons. Only on the Internet can people generalize and swallow exaggerated news. It is better than a multi-cam, and even the Precision Edge participates. It would be true that he couldn’t make it. Although, of course, there were even more insane things.

8. The army spent five billion to look steeper than the Marines.

It is interesting to observe how phrases are twisted. In the original, the “corporate identity overcame the utility of disguise”. That’s what it looks like. Speaking frankly, it’s possible to command as much as possible, especially when the marines already have two camouflages.

Of course, they can easily achieve this by accepting 3-4 colors. It’s not a problem. In addition, the Marines simply copied than Canadians … until now.

9. Modnenka Wed * Nb

Of course, much is wrong with UCP, but the army is not guided by fashion. Of course, they wanted a drawing by squares, “since the marines had already been used. It has been noted that it has been a palette.

It is a very popular color palette, copied by many developers, in contrast to the picture, which is patented. Is it more fashionable? The cartoons are like a digital drawing. Another example of misunderstanding is when it is associated with squares.

10. Army stuck on camouflage worth 5 million, which does not even work

It’s not been a trick of the clock. Fortunately, in combat zones, soldiers have more effective army camouflage. For example, in Afghanistan it is cartoons. Stuck on UCP, when you need – use what you need.

Clothes and shoes

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