“New Camouflage” US Army, or how to properly drank the loot

Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear readers! We present you the “Merleson Ballet in New Camouflage”, in twenty and one acts! A bunch of dough. Tips from the US Department of Defense.

In fact, there will be, once posted on our site, which were dedicated to ACIE It has been a great deal of effort to improve and improve. The camouflage itself has been developed quickly, but it has been more difficult to complete.

As a result, “having rummaged in the warehouses,” he said, “ after which the whole program was curtailed. It couldn’t be lazy. If you’re trying to find out what to do, then you’ve been making it. So, the publications will go in chronological order …

1. Army camouflage improvement program, for dummies


It’s the “Universal Camouflage Pattern” that is the UCP (universal camouflage pattern) points.

  • Universal Camouflage Pattern does not mask as expected.
  • The Army Camouflage Improvement Program is a multi-phase camouflage improvement project for soldiers. Under the rainbow stripes, it was a forest landscape pattern, a pattern of colors for women and women.
  • At this stage, it has been decided that it will be possible to choose the best commercial samples. Additionally, the main line contains OCP (MultiCam), MARPAT (“forest” and “desert”), AOR (1&2) also to determine the camouflage patterns. Such a selection system is called “basic”.
  • Soon, the US Army officially developed a sample for the government.
  • If you want to find out how to get a piece of fabric, it will make it easy for you to make a report.
  • It was determined that the army would conduct its missions.
  • Army Command will report test results.
  • It will be necessary to make at least 18 months. Army Command.
  • The selection will be adopted.
  • However, we are convinced that the UCP will be replaced. The program is a program of improvement.

Bottom line up for at least 18 months, given the last hitch.

Official update for the Army Camouflage Improvement Program

We’ve received a statement from the US Army’s Program Executive Office (PE) (Program Executive Office):

“The fourth phase – Awards in the“ Program ”are tentatively scheduled for the competition. After choosing the applicant for the contract, during the 10-day period. This will be the case for the winners. “

Thank you, PEO staff, for keeping our readers informed. This will be a very interesting SHOT (The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show) show.

“New Camouflage” US Army, or how to properly drank the loot

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