New Glock 1911 pistol – the legend is back?

Meanwhile, the company Glock It’s incredibly surprised .45ACP, designed strictly for the US market. The gun is simply named – Glock 1911 Gen 4.

The company promises that the new model Glock for the short-barreled firearms. He has received a lot of “hot” reviews and replicas. One of the testers, the former operator “Tier 1“, The haunting call sign” Mack “posted on his Facebook page something like the following phrase:

“This is something … one shot – and it’s over …” (“Wow … One hit”)

Glock 1911 Gen 4 Prototype

Glock 1911 Gen 4 it is a rule of thumb. Glock USM shock type (striker-firing system).

To ensure safe operation with the gun applied 12 security systems, For example, it is a rule of thumb, an auger, a fuse

Essentially, inside the shutter Glock 1911 the photo until the Glock for the new system.

Glock 1911 Gen 4 show Shot show in Las Vegas. At a press conference, a company representative Glock Frederich Untervallen (Frederich Unterwallen) answered the question of the public. In particular, the store Glock 1911 Holds only 8 rounds, while for example Glock 21 and 21SF carry 13 rounds each? ”He replied quite sharply:

Because you shoot like a “sissy”?

And what is the most “delicious” – at the end of the conference, Fred hinted that Glock also release a limited “collectible” batch of pistols Glock 1911 Gen 4 entitled “Zombie mutilator“Reddish the gripZ“It’s small, no matter how small the detail.

Retail price Glock 1911 Gen 4 Sagged at $ 799, which is much less than existing counterparts, for example H&K 1911 with its $ 2,300 price tag.

Update: just after a start of sales Glock Pistol 1911 Gen 4, The company has announced it since it has already received thousands of of orders. Glock It is a fact that it could not be reached.

What obviously warms up desire and fans even more Glock, and fans of classic Colt 1911 get a gun Glock 1911.

New Glock 1911 pistol &# 8212; is the legend coming back?

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