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Periodically, native propaganda scares us with crises. There was a chance to get away from it. party. “It wasn’t necessary, but it wasn’t just a disorienting factor.” the definition of “dogma” would be more appropriate.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, there was a lot of crises, then there was a crisis of 2008, and of course, the Great Depression. And how many such crises experienced in the past? I don’t want them all. However, in its history, humanity has been a large-scale systemic crises. Such a game of war games. Yes, that there is the Great Depression! Against the background of these social cataclysms, even the world wars

In addition, there is a reason for the crisis. Since I’m not sure, I’m not sure, I’m not sure what to say.

The Roman Empire. The reasons

Empires are created, live, and after some time, fall apart. That is the law of nature. Austrian-Hungarian Colombia Colombia But the Roman Empire collapsed with a romance that the world shook. It is true that the world of empire is different. After the fall of Rome, the world plunged into the world for several centuries. The Roman Empire is a special empire. This is the truly unique phenomenon of mankind. Unlike the other, it has been a millennium. But, 500 years after the fall, Rome still stood before the general background, being a peculiar beacon, a guide for contemporaries.

With the accession of Rome, the world became unipolar. The phrase “all roads lead to Rome” appeared for a reason. It was possible to adjust it. Of course, the Eternal City didn’t collapse overnight. He fluttered But no. The system has changed in the world. The chances of survival were already much lower. Roman oligarchs have been ruined by the panthera and the youngsters have been ruined. And they turned out to be them. Gold? It’s considered necessary. Sound titles and positions? It is not a matter of what it’s been. arms ”.

Rome distressed by heart. In the barbarian squads in the service of the empire. The lawyers received the rules of the law. Who, despite all their relative wildness and uncouthness, perfectly felt the balance of forces in nature. In addition, the gap between the rapidly and rapidly growing. The poor people have been haunted by the oligarchs, and even don’t remind you of anything? Personally, this reminds me of some post-Soviet countries, where I’m ugly, corrupt people. It’s a scammer that’s been there. And so most people think. The ruling elite is perceived as a stereotype that has been formed in this mood is reigned. Moreover, the central government. As a result, the barrens have been attracted by the brilliance of gold. However, the barbarians just accelerated the process. Rome decayed. And it’s not gold, it’s not worth it.

For some time still held power. Like the Communists, the leaders of the post-Soviet republics, they quickly threw out the portette and were seized up by the Democrats. They tried to build a power system. The dominant world is no longer pulling.

Consequences of the crisis

So, the empire collapsed, and the world plunged into the Dark Ages. Roads are no longer built. Aqueducts did not restore. Old cities were not needed. They have been replaced by the tillers. The population is corny dying out. It was not clear. Now nobody fed anyone like that, and trade it became impossible. In Rome, even a slave could open a business, there would be a starting capital. Now the starting capital meant nothing. It was necessary to join the system of collective security.

It is a glorious patron to protect themselves. Trade between countries and cities fell into decay, because it was a city bank. Now this bank has gone bankrupt. Global globalization has been replaced by universal isolation. The barbarian kingdoms were defined as a patchwork quilt, where each shred was formed. There has been no control over the rulers, but since it was there. Almost all the achievements of the Roman civilization were forgotten. So they’ve used it before he received some knowledge of technology.

Geographical maps and destroyed books were destroyed. Most of the world’s Romanian culture was destroyed by Christians. Even Muslims turned out to be more tolerant to questions of faith. Although not much.

The Roman general promiscuity was based on religion. All sorts of freethinking was suppressed. He was able to be convicted.

Interestingly, Roman morality appeared closer to the end of the empire. At first, Roman families followed certain moral norms. Slaves were considered as family members. Waste, idleness and laziness were condemned. He came along with the rabbit. And this lifestyle was considered the norm.

It is gone even further. The debauchery was strictly suppressed. It was a peace of mind. And they could even kill. It was considered a headscarf. It is a rule of thumb for people to use it. Muslims bag was lifted up, and the frightened cats clambered up, tearing the sinning body. Talk about those times can be long. But, not in vain, not in vain, the Ages is called the Dark Ages. It has been established that it has been established, based on completely different principles. Democracy and globalism have been replaced by dictatorship and provincial isolation. Antique enlightenment was replaced by religious fanaticism and total illiteracy. The development of human society has been taken several centuries long.

The crisis of the long XVI century

Gradually, in Europe, and in Asia, life began to improve. Trade and shipbuilding developed. Increased people’s welfare. Slowly sprawling cities. Europe moved from subsistence to money relations. Although it was not a bright side. The laws, although it is not harsh, to a certain extent, are protected by commoners from the tyranny of the nobles. Life is gradually getting better. But in the XIV century, a terrible plague called the “black death” swept across Europe. This pandemic appeared in China. In 1346, she came to the Crimea, and from there the Genoese were brought to Europe. Already in 1348, 15 million people died from the plague, one fourth of the total population. In 1351, the plague struck Russia and Poland. By 1352, 25 million people died in Europe, that is, a third of the population. People died in whole cities and villages. Survived the plague, the surviving citizens erected a “plague column.” Another thing is the most common form of the plague, it is bubonic and pulmonary. So, at that time, with the pulmonary rate reached 95%, and with the pulmonary rate – altogether 98-99%. He showed himself in all glory.

After this pandemic there was a social revolution in the world. Before the epidemic, it worked 75% of the population worked on the land. About 25% more served the aristocracy (sometimes also combining this with the work). And less than one percent were actually aristocrats. The number of aristocrats has not changed, because heirs remained. Aristocrats are demanded. That has caused us to have increased.

European nations rebelled. Fortunately, after the plague, people were already quite nervous and excited. A wave of peasant revolts and even peasant wars swept across Europe. But people rebelled not only against earthly rulers, but also against Gods. He refused to see the devil. The Catholic Church of All Religious Communities. Religious wars broke out. The famous St. Bartholomew’s Night is an insignificant episode of one of them. Protect churches for ostentatious luxury. Somewhere in the Netherlands.

In addition to the world’s financial crisis, it’s also broken down. Gold and jewelry poured into Europe. Gold and silver is rapidly depreciated. Made it so good. The world rolled toward capitalism. But some processians would have liked. Someone moved away from the cold and cold. (As luck would have it, there was a large-scale cooling in Eurasia, also called the Little Ice Age). At the very least, this crisis has been overcome. The ruling elite has been brought under control. Bourgeois revolutions in which the bourgeoisie smashes the feudal lords The feudal lords themselves were capitalists (unlike the patricians).

What is happening today?

It is a very difficult time to move on. .

Today, the United States of America plays the role of world dominant. As then, the current world is unipolar. But now it’s a bit different. The West is aging, the East is young. The West is a group of values, educated, and tolerant. And not just in terms of skin color, but also in terms of education, young, sometimes aggressive, (religion, tribal relations). The West is the finest and most financially secure. At the same time, it needs relatively cheap labor. There is a great deal of freedom in the West. Demarcation is also on the basis of property. The middle class is eroding. Set the ratio of 20 to 80. Which means 20% of the rich and 80% of the poor. Moreover, in the underdeveloped countries there may be 90 or 97 percent of the poor.

As I already said, the values ​​of the West. And many Islamic leaders are talking about us. (For comparison, I recall the statement of Christ, “there is not a Hellene, nor a Jew.”)

For many people, it’s not true. The Islamic communities represent a single monolith. Some have enormous material and financial resources. Others have a fanatical faith …

In the West, there is no strong system-forming ideology capable of uniting people around them. In the East, there is no need for it.

Alex Neronov

Read on – New systemic crisis. Part 2.


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