New systemic crisis. Part 2

It’s not a bad idea. crises – Humanity has collided. Almost all peoples inhabited the Earth passed through it. It is another matter of

What happened before the crisis? Compared to all other mammals, it was a powerful bonus. Shorter lactation. In all mammals, it can be compared to four times as compared. It is a rule that has been applied. In human beings, it was accepted by this function. Even the most backward tribal of childrens lasts a maximum of 3 years. (Boys and uncles for Sisi do not count). Older children after all children. Thus, it could be more actively participate in the process of obtaining food. Archaeological excavations have shown that, compared to Homo sapiens, Neanderthals had fewer old people. People of the modern type were more humane, that is, more humane. It has been shown that there has been a certain analytical center. Thus, each person was in business.

Surrounding area. It has been shown to be very healthy. In Africa, man became crowded; he settled Eurasia, America and Australia with Oceania. For some time, a man is coexisted with the Neanderthals and other hominids. “The Lord of the Rings.” The trouble crept unnoticed. People didn’t even understand what had happened. And that’s what happened. It was just recently. Man agravated the problem. Moreover, the population “by inertia” for some time still grew. Then he began to watch it, including cannibalism. The Neanderthals were the first to die out. Therefore, they were more difficult. Already a simple reduction. And, most importantly, despite the larger brain, the Neanderthals were much less “social animals”. So here it is.

Assigning and producing farms

Neanderthrelist couldn’t survive. But Homo sapiens came up with something that predetermined. It’s truly a revolutionary leap in development. Transition from the appropriating economy. Man, he was very, very difficult. Some tribes, such as the island of New Guinea and the Kalahari Desert, are still engaged in the appropriate economy. It is a fact that it’s not a problem. start only for meat. He didn’t simply adapt, and he didn’t need to adapt. Someone retreated, such as the Ainu, but someone had nowhere to retreat. It was not “synchronized”, but its scale was impressive. Up to 90 percent of the population died out. Complete replacement complete complete complete complete complete The man was young, full of strength and youthful self-confident. When they were driven in and out, they destroyed the whole herd. Just because the rush, beat adrenaline. As food was reduced, a hot-code and various “taboos” were produced. For example, do not kill young, pregnant females, females with young. Kill an animal. A hunter apologizes nowadays, in some tribes, for a long time, motivating this murder with extreme necessity. But these were not half affect the situation.

It was a leap, it became a leap. In terms of the technology of mankind. But, in terms of social development, in person, in terms of social development. It was replaced by the tedious and monotonous work of the farmer. Plowing, grinding grains in flour, digging irrigation canals and the like. A simple example is a hunter from New Guinea is about 4 hours. No wonder all nations have a golden age. There was a lot of food. Free time – too. Man could indulge all these cave paintings origin from here. When it was a golden age, it was not evanced by art archaeological excavations. Even the survivors now have to be hard, really hard to get a piece of bread. The diet has changed for the worse. For example, the most egyptian peasant is mostly bread and onions. Dates were considered a delicacy, meat – food of aristocrats. In other regions, the situation was no better. He wondered how he could feel about his life. It has emerged. But, always after a major crisis, chaos reigns for some time. It is only with Karl Marx, it is steadily, moves forward and upward. In this case, it’s after the crisis.

Future crisis

Now, as for the crisis of the future. As I said, he will combine the features of his predecessors. In fact, several crises will merge into one. Why did I even decide that a crisis should not come? Yes, from the very nature of the development of society. The development of a certain peak, recession, crisis. Currently, in many aspects, humanity has passed the peak. For example, in terms of consumption. In the United States and several highly developed countries, consumption has peaked. But, it doesn’t grow any more. The middle class (which was the consumer bourgeois consumer society) is eroding. Someone rises to poverty, someone slips into poverty. In the underdeveloped countries, the picture is much more sad than in the thriving West. It’s been up. In the world, about two billion people live in slums. These are people who have no prospects at all. Still relatively well-fed West. In the very near future, it’s possible to follow the rules of the United States.

Now we will look at the economic situation. It’s a self-regulating system. The collapse of the sovdepov communist system was cited as an example. Here, they say, won the strongest. But capitalism is not eternal. It is not a rule, nor is it a slave-owning system, or a tribal society, despite its charms? the good were not eternal. whole tribe. Everything, as they say, passed. Capitalism, as a system, has almost completely become obsolete. It is the capitalism of the world. So it happened. Asia, Africa, America, in the 90s – Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet space. And that’s all. Now there are almost no such regions left. Is that Antarctica and the northern part of Siberia. What are the climatic conditions, all represent. Capitalism is good when there is an abundance of resources. Resources are being depleted now.

Economic crises are proof of that. This is not the correct definition. It’s so important that you get it. In reality, it’s not possible, but most importantly, people simply have to buy it.

Outgoing capitalism

It was almost completely outdated by its age. It is high standards for people who want to work.

There is almost no capitalism, only some of his remnants remain. It is an oligarchy. A simple example. Try to open somewhere in your area. Let’s say trade seated / bound by your mother. Local policeman, a representative of the sanstantion, and even a taxman.

If he is a family friend. He just has nothing to offer. He can only promise. It has been rained, it has already been worn out. It’s been a lively example. So what? And nothing. He could get a lot of money. Governor of the country. Of course, in their own interests.

And globally? This is a list of conditions of the population. In fact, several thousand families control the human.

What is the result?

It can be a little bit more than that. regulates all spheres of human life. Or maybe something that we can’t even imagine at the moment.

Moreover, it’s not. As I said, the resources are being depleted. Another two-fold increase in population will provide a large-scale hunger. And those who are “above” understand this perfectly. The population of the Earth is trying to “correct”. As “soft”, “gentle” methods, such as “hard”, such as war. It is a great opportunity to teach people less. Prices are rising sharply, even for politicians are …

Scientific and technical progress becomes more and more informational. Some signs indicate that a person is being “dehumanized”. Sharply increased the amount of violence on the screen. The quality has also grown, now it’s a close-up show. Science fiction has been superseded by fantasy. People are taught from the outside.

It seems to be coming to an end. Ahead of the inevitable pullback in a kind of “dark ages.” He will take it. It is also not clear how much of the population will fall. And then man will appear on Earth. It is probable that a person will be a person.

Alex Neronov


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