New tank Armata T-14

Tank troops are considered one of the most powerful forces of the modern army. Develop a large amount of their combat missions.

Russia was no exception tracked platform “Armata”, how to optimize the cost of manufacturing tanks and armored vehicles.

From the whole family Armaty the most anticipated novelty of military engineering main tank – A new combat vehicle, which Uralvagonzavod specialists, engineers and designers have worked hard to create.

TTX tank Armata T-14

  • Combat weight 48 tons
  • Crew – 3 people
  • Booking
    – combined multi-layered armor
    – complex of active protection “Afganit”
    – dynamic protection “Malachite”
  • Armament
    – Smooth-bore gun 125 mm 2A82-1M (152 mm 2A83)
    – Ammunition of the gun 45 shells (32 pieces in the automatic loader)
    – Machine guns – 1? 12.7 mm cord; one? 7.62 mm PCTM
  • Engine
    – multi-fuel A-85-3A (12N360)
    – Engine power 1500 hp
  • Speed ​​on the highway – 80 – 90 km / h
  • Speed ​​over rough terrain – about 70 km / h
  • Cruising on the highway – over 500 km
  • Specific power – 31 l. s./t
  • Suspension type – active.

Multi-level protection tank Armata

Main feature T-14 tank, is an desert tank tower – The crew is located in an armored capsule. This is an ATGM and anti-tank shells approach, while preserving the life of tankers. In the habitable armored capsule there are also control computers, which makes it more resilient.

Location of nodes and modules of Almaty

The engine has been used to ensure that it can be used. That is, if there is no direct loader, then there is no direct ammunition. You can protect your crew. The crews are shrinking and cutting down.

On the tank T-14 It was a remote anti-mine mine V-shaped mine mine system.

Tower tank T-14 Armata

Armata T-14 tank, it can be to the surface geometry.

Complex of active protection “Afganit”

But armor cannot 100% protect a tank from modern anti-tank weapons, therefore T-14 Intergeneral ATGMs, cumulative RPGs, as well as sub-caliber armor-piercing projectiles while approaching the tank.

If it is a striking and masking elements. The striking elements are located under the turret, which is it. It has been noted that the concept of ammunition at speeds is up to 3000 m / s.

This is an active defense system. Presently for the IR range and for the air curtain (for example, for the IR range). This is a blocking system (Hellfire ATGM, TOW, Fagot, Skif, Stugna-P), IR guidance (Javelin ATGM, Spike) and MW radar (JAGM BTRM). ), making Armata protected from self-guided charges (“Kryheboev”).

The planes are used (see, for example, the Armata tank tower). If you’re trying to find a match, then you’re trying to find out. . Optical observation of the tank is also integrated with the system of proactive supply of curtains.

Earlier, the T-14 has not been knocked up by the gunner, but it has not been cumulative ammunition.

New steel for Armata tank armor

For the combined multi-layered armor of the Institute of Steel developed new bronestal brand 44S-SV-Sh Electroslag remelting of high resistance, as well as new materials and filler designs. It’s possible to reduce the weight of the tank by 15% while maintaining armor resistance. The T-14 has been designed for the use of the tank. It can be installed for the urban battle scenario.

Chassis and engine of Almaty

Armata is equipped with a 12-cylinder four-stroke X-shaped diesel engine with turbocharging A-85-3A (12N360) with a capacity of 1500 horsepower. The 12N360 multi-fuel engine has been developed by the Chelyabinsk Tractor Works.

Hydraulic shock absorbers with a hydrostatic transmission. It comes to 1.7 times.

T-14 Armata It has been designed to ensure that it can be used for a vehicle. for repair is determined by electronics.

AT T-14 the design of additional fuel tanks was changed; For the first time and for the Soviet Union, they have become a non-removable and anti-cumulative screen. In this case, the tanks, taking shock deformations on themselves. It was possible to reduce the amount of gas in the IR range.

Although it is quite often compared to “Black Eagle”, Novel model that has no absolute. An important distinguishing feature of crew safety has been.

Tracked platform Armata – universal combat transformer

Armata is a type of modern heavy armored vehicles. There are already several types of armored vehicles. The main positions are:

  1. T-14 (object 148) – Main battle tank;
  2. BMP-T T-15 (GBTU index – object 149) – Infantry fighting vehicle;
  3. BREM-T T-16 (object 152) – repair and recovery vehicle;
  4. BMO-2 – fighting machine of flame throwers;
  5. TOC BM-2 – heavy flamethrowing system;
  6. Tzm-2 – transport flame charging system;
  7. 2S35 “Coalition-SV” – self-propelled artillery;
  8. USM-A1 – mining system;
  9. UMP-A – minelayer (project);
  10. MIM-A – multi-purpose engineering machine;
  11. MT-A – bridge laying (project);
  12. PTS-A – floating conveyor (project).

Armata’s development of chassis for self-propelled artillery mounts and various specialized engineering vehicles. For the first time, the general public met “Armata” at the Victory Parade on May 9, 2015. T-14 Armata The number of military experts has been


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