New world record for sniper shot range

We’ve been taken by the FSB and FSO of Russia.

The record was set on September 28, 2017 at the Tula region in Russia. Effective shot made Andrey Ryabinsky from a distance of 4,170 meters on a target measuring 1×2 meters, from a rifle SVLC-14S “Dusk” caliber cartridge .408 cheytac.

High-precision sniper rifle SVLCK-14C & quot; Dusk & quot;High-precision sniper rifle SVLK-14S “Dusk”

If you want a speed of 1000 m / s.

It was a little more than 4707 meters. However, this is not the limit. In the coming days, Russian gunsmiths plan to set a new record – by 4,200 meters!

The team had already been distinguished before the shooting at 3,400 meters. It is a matter of fact that the controversy flared the Internet. “It’s pigeon dung” that allegedly was lost. If you’re on your own, you’ll turn to reality.

In June of this year, Canadian sniper Unleashing on the guns of the Iraqi army. Just over 2 miles, namely 3.540 meters!

Canadian sniper in Iraq (c) dinardetectives.infoCanadian sniper in iraq(c)

It was confirmed that the documentary satellite imagery had been issued.

Sniper used McMillan TAC-50 with ammunition .50 BMG (12.7 × 99 mm), It was about 10 seconds. The effect is disrupted by the canadian military department.

McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifleMcMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle

This is a record of the musa-kala. Then Corporal Craig Harrison, a special forces sniper from the UK, shot from McMillan TAC-50 eliminated 2 Taliban machine gunners from a distance 2.475 meters.

It wasn’t been a windbreaker. It took him 9 sighting shots. Bullets fired by a corporal from a sniper rifle, flew to the targets in 6 seconds.

Sniper rifle L115A3 Long Range RifleSniper rifle L115A3 Long Range Rifle

It is 3,850 meters, which it set last year. Jim spinell from the American Hill Country Rifle. But it’s not a battle of Vladislav Lobayev.


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