New Year’s bustle. The challenge is to survive

There are a lot of tales about the dangers New year and holidays generally. “It will not happen to me.” New year’s eve vanity? No, have not heard.

Then I’ll start with emergency statistics for three years The report of emergencies and incidents was published on it. Of course, there are separate reports by region.

PP * – psychological assistance

Now I would like to talk about hazards to avoid them. I would divide them into three categories:

  1. Emergencies and Accidents
  2. Physical health
  3. Psychological health

Emergencies and Incidents

Participation in events from this category is 50% dependent on you. Sometimes they are caught off guard. Simply don’t fuss, know what to do and be ready.

Weather anomalies

They are either there or they are not. You only manage your location and preparation. What is included? Snowfall, ice, frost …

Security measures: appropriate clothing, shoes with non-slip tread. If something is approaching.

If the shoe slips – in advance, upgrade it with coarse sandpaper. Glue for shoes. Method recommended shoe masters.

Terrorist attacks

It’s simple: avoid crowded and public places. This does not mean that now your Ng comes down to sitting at home all weekend. Go on, on and on.

Most are dangerous – train stations, airports, places with large crowds. Security measures: be vigilant. Always keep a charged phone with you.


It all depends on you. Carefully handle fire and various New year’s attributes (salutes and fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers and candles). Repair any damage. Well, watch out for garlands and sockets.

Will fit: first-aid kit, fire extinguisher and telephone.

Traffic accidents

Repeat Traffic regulations: after the wheel, both drunk and after sleepless nights Public transport in New year’s eve In most cases, it works longer than usual, just study the schedule.


How do we remember? life safety fundamentals Grade 5 – it is better not to fall into it. In this hectic crush, undermine, rob, and kidnap loved ones. In general, there is little fun.

Security measures: hide valuable things more deeply. Children track and hold a hand. Know the ways of departure, keep to the left side, if anything – wali.

Physical health

I think it’s possible injuries you know everything. Therefore, it’s a common point. first aid kit, take precautions and not be bothered.

Burns / electric shocks

As a rule, these signs of possible occurrence. fire. Add it to the kitchen, which also leads to burns.

Incised and lacerated wounds

Same cooking. A plus negligence when opening gifts.


  • High-quality burning liquid, avoid strong colored alcohol drinks. From the colorless, though not much, but it will be better.
  • Unusual food. I think that rarely your table is replete with a variety of dishes. I wanted “innovations” –

Security measures: do not abuse. It is also possible to avoid the spread of bacteria.


Vanity = gt; stress = gt; weakening of the immune system. Security measures: vitamins.

Attacks: cardiac, stroke, asthma

Cold smoke vanity, stress and tasty food = gt; asthma.
Low temperatures = gt; vasoconstriction = gt; increased heart work = gt; heart attack.
Abundant food, mental exertion = gt; stroke.

Hypothermia / frostbite

Everything is simple. With heat, with heat, after heat, it seems. Do not be fooled.

Premature pregnancy

To celebrate, and after.
Security measuresIf you’re not getting enough, you’ll get

Psychological health

Celebration – is an energy exchange enriching the activity. For a new period of life. Everyone has this update in their own way. Few people think.


Cold, low temperatures lead to stress by themselves. Now add holiday vanity, which poses worse than your 5/2 office work.

Festive mood – The main resource and the most vulnerable. Sit-downs, stockpile destruction, fun, vanity. Time goes by as well miracle not. The holiday makes it a mess. Fatigue accumulates, flies grow into elephants, flare up quarreling for no reason. And publicity makes simple tasks difficult. Fight ordered? If very clever – you can talk more about politics.

Security measures: do not force. Turn everything into a favor. Rejoice and create a miracle in your mood.


Bothers to eat, drink and walk. It wants useful activities, but it’s close to zero. Main celebration sort of passed vanity also gone somewhere, and the weekend continues. After such a period of idleness, try again to return to the former rhythm of life. So your apathy is delayed for the whole of January.

Don’t fuss – relax

Come thanks to the New Year hectic we will not become numbers in sad Mes statistics. We are on the head, we remain attentive

Let it go BP in all his senses will bypass your house in Ng. And do me a favor – survive.

New Year’s bustle. Task &# 8212; survive

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