Night fights: 25 tips from personal practice

Blog reader WRSA Shares tricks in the night of the battles, the star of the striped flag:

  1. You can follow the sentry or patrol over the fallen leaves. If you begin to take it up, take it up. It always works. Shurkh, shurkh, shurkh … dead.
  2. You can see light through night-vision device third generation for three hundred meters and beyond. Depending on the moonlight. Seriously guys, the red light is a cinema grimace. If you need to shine, then cover yourself with a raincoat. If the air is clean, then the light is noticeable even further.
  3. Sounds are carried much better at night.
  4. Wildlife produces a lot of different background noise. Forget about signals by whistling, clapping, etc. Practice owl hooting or maybe a series of clicks. On YouTube a lot of videos, which you can learn.
  5. Night sights – your friends. If you can not afford them, a drop of glowing paint is also fit. Check out the smooth, flat and black. You do not need extra radiance on it.
  6. You move much, much slower. If you’re not in motion, you’ll be on the thalweg. My step count was 70 during the day and 90 at night. If you don’t want to know what the territory is, then it’s three times more serious. You can find it on the map around the areas shaded in blue. In fact, this green monster cannon is a whole paratrooper or commando, with all the equipment. When the sun goes down, it will go away. But there is some good news – you can find someone else’s warbelt. Modular belt – it’s cool if you like to cling to every branch. This is too stupid in the undergrowth.
  7. Bypass any water if possible. Every sound above the water, especially at night, is very well heard. Position observation posts to send messages. You can hear everything around you. I was not killed around the water. We’ve seen a number of times before the water. It is difficult to defend, it is difficult to storm. Solid loss. This is a very problematic obstacle. All the sleeves are jokers.
  8. With a bivouac, you can equate yourself with auricular poncho to improve audibility. This is not a decisive increase, but worth a try.
  9. Whisper. Always whisper. Sound at night spreads very well.
  10. You can use the road to significantly speed up the movement. Headlights for ordinary cars illuminated no more than 150-200 meters with dipped beam and about 300 farthest. On the sides – about 25 meters. With 99% of the cars there, it’s not visible. We could never catch the cars.
  11. Shows you a great curiosity. Especially mammals and birds. We tried to avoid them too much. He has a lot of things to do.
  12. Personnel management becomes ten times more difficult. Count and hold smaller. You’re losing your life. You need to be at each other’s ass. One HIS the commander will mark the head of the system. Other HIS mark the rear of the system. If you want to make it clear, you can seal it.
  13. Check out the equipment. If you don’t, then you’ll lose something.
  14. 95% night shootings occurs at a distance of less than 10 meters. So on.
  15. Do not allow here. You will definitely turn them on by chance. You can see it only after long minutes.
  16. In your rear of the group. You can go straight into the paws of the enemy. You will need to get your hands on it.
  17. Your guide should have the best night vision, hearing and vigilance, regardless of rank and position. If you want to understand the group of stumbles upon an adversary or go straight into the trap. This is guaranteed to happen. It is only a matter of time. Make sure you rehearsed it in advance. Thirty meters from the enemy. It should be noted that it should be in the middle of the game. Every muddle. You will shoot down for this occupation. 90% of the escort of the guns are always at you. Even if you are only one, there surely is a second, or more. Most likely, more.
  18. ALWAYS tell people where they are going, how long and how far. Even if it is just a cast.
  19. Shut up. The leaves and all directions.
  20. He sees you in the overgrown forest. But in the forest, it’s your movement very, very quickly. The wind in the forest is still a couple of days. night fights in the forest. Catches the eye. If you’re on the ground or on the ground. Slow and smooth. Do not throw a rifle like Tom Cruise. You need to be slow, smooth and steady. Like a deer. Move like a deer.
  21. If you are a tree, you need to raise your legs. You can avoid 90% of the trousers, simply by taking a step. And tighten the damn laces. Hell out of your ankle.
  22. Practice your hands. They are distinguishable. You can’t give you a signal.
  23. Tracer in night shootout – this is something awesome. They love the enemy and create small fires around him. This highlights your goals. You will see how they move, and even more importantly – what they look at for their associates. Extra effect – it knocks them down. night vision. It is good if you break contact. And their camp can burn. It’s also good. Find out what you’re finding out.
  24. If you’re a landbook, you’ll be captured. Point of your route. I think it’s a 12 minute march, or 20 miles, depending on the terrain. If you meet an opponent, you will be alarmed and thrown at you. When they set up camp. This is to prevent a fire and reconnaissance. They grab into you in 20-30 minutes. Thirty is if they wander, which is often the case night fights.
  25. If you can’t pick up the enemy equipment, destroy it. We don’t get it back.

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Night fights: 25 tips from practice

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