Nightmare arahnofoba. Part 2: Dangerous arthropods

Human instincts are an unusually strong thing. We can not be afraid of us. But for some people, it can be a complete phobia. But sometimes it happens that the instincts are necessary for survival, fade into the background. For example, for our distant ancestors, arachnophobia serves as a guarantee of survival.

“Anything that can be more dangerous than even poisonous.”

And if you couldn’t really want to kill them, Fortunately, it is not favorable for them. But is it really? Unfortunately not. So, which of the arthropods inhabits the middle lane and the south of Eurasia, in addition to the spiders, is it dangerous? So …

Poisonous insects – arthropods dangerous to humans

Ringed scolopendra

Latin name – Scolopendra cingulata. This is a centipede hefty, up to 15 cm long, which is an active predator. It is in the Crimea and the Black Sea. Loves and rocky terrain. Eats everything – from insects to lizards. Nada only if accidentally disturbed or come. Fortunately, it is not the largest species of skolopendra (but it is still very unpleasant, because it is poisonous. The bites are extremely painful. Cases have been described where the centipedes fell into the ground. If you are a woman, she will be …

Italian scorpion

Euscorpius italicus. Reaches 5 cm in length. It has a reddish brown or dark brown color. Active predator, leading mainly nocturnal. A person is attacked only by being disturbed, and even then not immediately. But if you step on your bare foot, there will be problems. The bite is still very painful. Plus, you never know – you are allergic to this poison. It is possible to clean the skin. Apply a cold compress.

Motley scorpion

Mesobuthus eupeus. Reaches in length of 5 centimeters. Coloring is ocher, yellowish or light brown. It prefers the southern regions, although it is found in the Volgograd region (where it is even listed in the Red Book) and in the European part of Russia. An active predator that preys on small insects. A person stings only in case of danger to himself. The poison is not fatal. Scorpion with the bee sting. First aid – wash and clean.

Fat-tailed scorpion

Androctonus crassicauda. This will be 10 cm. Thick tail. Heaven in the Caucasus. Leads nocturnal, can settle near human habitation. It tolerates severe conditions – heat, dehydration and even ionizing radiation. Mortally dangerous for humans. 8 hours. It will be immediately and painfully. Then the symptoms of brain damage and skeletal muscles will join. If you’re trying to get the most out of it, you can’t go to the nearest hospital. – use the help of others. Believe it. it really matters.

Asian Hornet

It is a hornet or Vespa mandarinia. It is an active predator, reaching up to 5 cm in length, eating bees, smaller hornets and praying mantis. He couldn’t even be in the middle of a place, for example. Bite of this insect is compared to a “hot nail driven into the flesh.” It’s not always bites, it’s not always bites, but it’s not a bite. There are multiple bites leading to death. For example, Japan hornets kill about 40 people a year. It can be found in the Primorye Territory, although it is better to never meet it.

As you can see, arachnophobes living in the middle lane have every reason for their fears. Yes, these fears are slightly hot tropical countries, but nonetheless. You should not be particularly careful to inhabit these places. You must always be able to keep yourself in the park. first aid kit (if you help bitten). And if you are still a bitten – do not panic, because more than any poison.

Nightmare arahnofoba. Part 2: Dangerous arthropods

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