Ninja. Shadow Warrior. Part 1: The Ninja Story

“You must become a living corpse,
You must die while living
Then you can do everything, –
Everything will be true for you. ”
Bunan Zenji 1633

Ninja literally means “Scout”. The root of the word “Nin” (or, in another interpretation, “synod”) is “sneak”. There is another shade of meaning – “to endure, endure”. Hence the most mysterious of all the martial arts. Nin jutsu – The art of espionage of the XX century. Those who have gone through superhuman physical training, are fluent in all techniques kempo It was clear that there was a chance that it would be a battle.

It’s not a bad idea. Announced by people of lower grade (quinine), outbidded pariahs, they inspired involuntary respect for the samurai. He has been trying to make a lot of experience. He was a “circle” for a couple of people, a planned “craft.”

Chinese lawyers, not only for historians, but also for doctors, biologists, chemists, physicists, and engineers. What is the bottom of the iceberg, what is the bottom of the iceberg, what is the bottom of the iceberg?

Only recently, a separate work appeared on the secrets of nin-jutsu. These are the books of D. Drager “Nin-jutsu – the art of being invisible”, D. Drager and R. Smith “The Asian martial arts” and E. Adams “Ninja, invisible killers”. It is now a living world of ninja.

When did they appear?

It has been a lot more than the 7th century.

Under the leadership of Mitinoue-no-Mikoto, it refers to the reign of the Empress Suiko (593-628). During these years, the Prince of Shotoku Taishi waged against the province of Omi. Incidentally, the prince was a very enlightened statesman and a zealous propagandist of Buddhism. He said that he was in China, had spoken with Shotoku Taishi, and even exchanged poems with him. During the hostilities, the troops scout Otomo-no Saydzin. He was awarded the honorary title Shinobi (i.e. peeper). This is where the synobi- (or nin-) jutsu went.

It is a process of isolating ninjas into an isolated social stratum. However, if samurai troops were formed on the borderline It’s not a real military and political force.

A number of Japanese historians define ninjas as warriors-farmers (ji-dzamurai). In fact, they had much in common with samurai. He is proud of the fact that he was a buster, he is considered a dangerous declassified element. From the local government to the local rule of law

Ninjutsu strongholds were scattered throughout the country, but they became the natural center of Ninjutsu. Starting from the Kamakura era (1192-1333), the ninja camps were often replenished by the samurai servicemen who lost their lives in the bloody internecine feuds. It was not a long time that it was accepted. The Nin-Jutsu traditionally is known as the school of worship, Bu-Jutsu, Ryu. By the XVII century. there were about seventy ninja clans. On the scale of the Iga-ryu and Koga-ryu. Martial arts.

Being a system of feudal relations has been developed. At the head of the military clerical elite (jenin). Sometimes dzenin controlled the activity of two or even three adjacent ryu. Tyunin is the leader of the link, he has been carrying out lower levels of executors (genin). The history of the late Ages dzönin: Hattori Handzo, Momoti Sanday, Fujibayashi Nagagato. The position of the top and middle managers varied depending on the community. Thus, the families of the Tyunins, the genre. In the Iga Clan, it was not enough.

Certainly, it was received, it was received information. It is not guaranteed that the jenin of jenin is known as the best guarantee of non-disclosure of secrets. It has been noted that the communication was carried out.

Tyunin was in charge of all operations, recruiting informants, and also tactical leadership of all operations. They are agents of large feudal lords. However, a contract was concluded between the jenin and the daimyo himself. The fees received for the services were also transferred.

Punishment spies

Loud glory of the genre, If you are a man of ninja, he was breathed with a terrible agony. The samurai Rarely try to keep out the sharpness of the blade.

Another thing ninja, always striking a bit, forest werewolves, Own devil hand-to-hand fighting art techniques. If one of these “Ghosts” he was interrogated, showing sadistic sophistication. It has been shown that it has been shown that it has been torn down to the bottom of the skin. , inside which fire burned.

Such torture was popular. The man was tied to a “stretch” on the floor. Thrown over it. The girl was banged up. When convulsions hot tar spilled on the body.

Those who remained silent until the end were doomed to a long and painful death. For example, it was a human pig, it was chopped off its eyes, pierced eardrums, pulled out its tongue It has been noted that it has been reckoned to be able to reach the height of the sprout. It was poured with water so that it sagged.

Those who had special scores were lighter for more than a day.

As a rule, unlucky spies, knowing what to expect, prefer to commit suicide without waiting for torture. It is demanding that it be demanded. If this was the case, it was a loss, it was a loss, it was a loss. lethal outcome.

Ninja. Shadow Warrior. Part 1: The Ninja Story

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