Ninja. Shadow Warrior. Part 2: Training from an early age

They have been accustomed since they were blessed. For their part, they did everything possible to avoid a similar fate. Understanding that it was a race for all participants. The fruits of their efforts have been expressed,

Ninja training began in infancy. It’s not a problem.

Physical training began with a cradle. In the house, it was usually hung in the corner. It has been a great deal of effort. It was instinctively squeezed into a ball with a jolt. It has been said that the exercise has been more complicated. He has not only been able to concentrate on the wall For the child. “Put the block.” Subjecting to the instinct of self-preservation, Over the time, he began to find a deal with the “enemy”.

It is a period of spiking out of the palms of the infant.

In the number of six months, the technique of swimming has been started. It developed the lungs and gave it excellent coordination of movements. It can be used for a few minutes or more.

For the children of two years of age, the games were “tsap-scratch” or “magpie-thief,”

Statement of breath began. The qigong system.

It has been noted that the training course has been carried out.

Gymnastics and acrobatics

He was able to go to hebo. The average thickness of the horizonally above the surface of the earth. In it, the child learned a few simple gymnastic exercises. Gradually, it was much more complicated to achieve the elements of splitting, jumps, and coups. It was replaced with a stretched or sagging rope. It was a moss game.

We also practiced the transition of the trees. Wasn’t been in height. There is a slow, cautious increase in complexity, There are also ways to get in touch with the legs, arms and the whole body (in a coup). Jumping from a height of 8-12 m Required special “softening” somersaults. For example, it’s possible to make it possible to make it out. It was a good reason to jump on the branch. A separate discipline was jumping into the water.

Jumping ninjas in height, were based on the mobilize ki. However, in childhood, only the technique of movements was mastered. But there wasn’t a lot of way to go. In these jumps, it is important to go ahead, it’s important to keep it simple. High jumps were usually practiced in the “simulator” – it was a funk, but “exams” were used to make it really harder, but it was unsuccessful, it could be injured. It was painstakingly practiced that it was pole-vaulting. It has been noted that the jump has been made.

A special section was “multistage” jumps. One must have been mastered running along a vertical wall. It is up to a few steps, trying to keep it up. It was a cliff and it wasn’t much time to go. In the Chinese tzuanshu, such a trick was called “tiger jumping onto a cliff”. This is a multi-stage jump up to 2 m. .

The development of strength and endurance training. It was “hanging” on a tree branch. For a couple of minutes, it’s not a problem. Gradually, the time of “hanging” was reduced to an hour. He could not get any attention. Naturally, numerous push-ups, weightlifting, and walking on hands were practiced.

One of the mysteries of nin-jutsu is walking on the ceiling. Immediately make a reservation. It is a little distance between each other. It can be seen that it can be seen across the entire room. It is a narrow street or corridor of the castle.

Ability to walk and run

One of the interesting aspects of the training course was running at different distances. There has been no loss of time. It’s not a problem. It was applied. In the sprint, a “normal” straw hat The test was considered surrendered. Running with obstacles. Barriers, traps and traps were pulling out “wolf pits”. It is a scandalous movement.

It was not enough to go. Depending on the circumstances of the following methods of walking:

  • “Crouching step” – soft silent rolling from heel to toe;
  • “Sliding step” —the arc-shaped movement of the foot;
  • “Compacted step” – moving in a straight line, the toe is pressed tightly against the heel;
  • “Jump step” – jumping on one leg;
  • “Big stride” – normal wide stride;
  • “Small step” – movement;
  • “Tie-in holes” – walking on toes or heels;
  • “Scrambling” – zigzag movements;
  • “Normal step”, “walking sideways” – moving with “added step” or back to prevent.

It was clear that you could see the number of people in the unit. There were speed, power saving and breath control. It was an important addition to the skin that was taken from a bamboo – takeum.

Inhabitants of remote mountainous areas, ninjas were born climbers. Since the childhood, he has been descend into crevices, bottomless abysses. It’s also possible that you’ll be able to reach the walls of the monasteries. The art of rock climbing, or the toheki-jutsu. It was not a good idea. It is a matter of fact. Thus, the slightest protrusion or bump on the wall has become a reliable fulcrum. It couldn’t be his way up. Mortally at this time he rushed into the stone massif. It was not a problem to make it out.

Ninja combat training

In the Middle Ages, human life often depended on a horse. Recall Richard III, who on the battlefield generously promised “the kingdom for a horse.”

Rescued a scout. Although it was rarely allowed to travel on horsebacks, it was also included in the course. In addition to some dressing stunts. It is a sport. He has to be able to jump on his horse Horse to horse. It has been a great deal to make it a bit more fun. However, for example, it was not possible to use it. In the case of samurai.

It is a rule of thumb on the jungles. In addition, the children were subject to the procedures in order to achieve a dismemberment of the joints. It can be taken at the bottom of the neckline, it can be taken out of hand, it can be taken out of hand. There were some clever ways. It was normal for the skin to relax. The rest was already a matter of technique. From a painful hold or lock. In the fencing, it is possible to lengthen the arm by a few centimeters.

Some schools are also sought to reduce pain susceptibility. It was a “pain” massage that was treated with a special “pain” massage. Over time, a thin but durable muscular corset was formed, and the pain sensations were significantly dulled.

It was a natural accompaniment of the whole complex of physical education. For children, they are not allowed to travel. food in the forest.

Feelings at the limit

This is because the life of the reaction was not correct. It is not necessary to see the trap. Since the reconnaissance operations were carried out in the dark. For the development of night visions, it has been periodically placed on the light source. Sometimes candles and torches were used. It has been shown that he has graduated from the world. This ability did not disappear, but at the contrary, was consolidated.

Visual memory developed by special attentiveness exercises. For example, a set of ten objects, covered with a scarf, was laid out on a stone. It has been seen that it has been seen for a few seconds. Gradually, their composition has been reduced. Do you have any questions about how to read the text? It’s a road to peace of mind.

It is not only the voice of the bird has been recognized, and it is also “understood.” Thus, the silent chorus of frogs The loud buzz of the mosquitoes on the ceiling is shown in the attic. Put one on the ground at a great distance. It was possible to determine the distance from the wall. It was clear that it was possible to breathe. And not only this …

It has been found that it is not a problem. In addition, the training, designed for long-lasting blindness, was designed to develop extrasensory abilities.

It has been noted that it has been associated with a complete complex of auditory tests, olfactory and tactile sensations. If you are a person, you’ll be blind. It makes it possible to distinguish between the air flow and the air flow. The ability to quickly progressed. It’s time to calculate the time of the stars. Nevertheless, based on his feelings, he wondered what time it was, up to a few minutes.

It was not clear. In other words, it is sometimes necessary to make a telepathic strike right on target. It has been found that it has been the case that it has come to the rescue. It’s notorious “Sixth Sense”, or “extreme mind” (goku-i), hearing, smell, and touch. It was possible to avoid the traps and even the repel, without it.

For the reader, who has been the subject of such talents, we can refer to the human body. If you’re not sure, you can’t make it so good. It is a scandalous pattern. In his youth, he (the blind) had been clashed with one of the brothers, who ended up badly for the latter. Frustrated, he wondered. “

It can be seen by the person who has been “at the sound”.

It is a chambers. The latrine, differed sharply in smell. In addition, they were indispensable for certain types of chemicals.

Physical training of the ninja continued until maturity, which was marked by the rite of initiation into members of the clan. Initiation was usually carried out in families, but sometimes even earlier. It has been noted that it has been the law of the world that it has become a practitioner.

Ninja. Shadow Warrior. Part 2: Training from an early age

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