No fear? There is fear, but there is no brain …

No fear… “

To be honest, when I hear this message. Goebbels – I strive to grab the revolver.

Do not feel pain. Quite generally. It is a woman who has not been able to cope with it. Or, for example, you have a toothache, and you do not feel it. As a result, it’s a result of the result, the most diverse results. No matter how much the most effective signaling detectors are in our life. She warns us that something is wrong, that something is wrong. It also makes it possible for us to carefully and irreparable harm to health.

With by fear same. Especially if we do not speak about phobias and other extreme manifestations, which of course are not the norm. Fear is our natural alarm device, us that something might go wrong. It makes it possible for us to There is no need for a person who runs headlong. However, it’s not exactly that these people devoid of fear. Your personal survival skill This is a situation. The less likely fear formation.

This is the case. But fear, it still remains, except in such a “loud” form. In fact, it all depends on level of anxiety, caused by certain events / situations.

This is the same situation as the situation, it can be perceived. If you also have a gunshot. It depends on your weapon. If you’re trying to get a little bit of it? ).

In fact, our fear stimulates us to personal development and workarounds. It was a tool that wasn’t any kind of flawed tool. But not the preservation of life for any other reasons.

The fact is that fear we have quite a negative connotation. Fear – This is something shameful, shameful and not considered normal. What fear – this is, in fact, one of the degrees of caution, is not taken into account. The same alertness has been made. In fact, it can be:

  1. It is scary to approach him;
  2. Can not be afraid;
  3. The man is an idiot.

It is not the case. The following is the logic of what’s going to happen to me. In both cases fear This is what happens to a person who pushes himself into a phobia.

So it turns out that fear, It can be both constructive and destructive. And since we’ve considered the destructive line of behavior, it’s

The fact is that constructive side of fear – This is the same person. That is the desire to develop in certain directions. Want to learn how to protect yourself? It is important that you take care of it. Development. Which would not have been a little fear and fear in all my life. Yes, everyone prefers not to talk about fear, how about something shameful and indecent. But after all fears – this is one of the fundamental systems that allow create motivation.

It is not clear whether or not to use it. And when they say that “no fearIt says fear has become caution, less dangerous and dangerous for the student. Or he pizdobol.

Fear is is always. At any moment and at any person. It is always something to be aware of. It is simply that this is a way to make it. But they all share exactly one thing – they there is fear. They are afraid. They just either have the skills or the motivation do not give fear over a predominate. For them fear – It is one of the tools of understanding and the environment. It is not a problem.

Very good overall, didn’t it? Well, what to do. If talk about fear The adrenaline is taken as a purely boring medical fact. Considering fear in terms of stress, We are confronted by the stress of the body. Unexpectedly, the situation will be. It will also be a matter of course.

It’s not a matter of how much it’s been approved. from the skills. It means that he will not be able to make it. It would be a “hit”, it would be lucky. However, it all depends on the situation and circumstances. And in the same way, the “freeze” or “run” reaction can also save his life. We are again going to the coffee grounds.

The key point is that in both cases, the adrenaline rush will be. Just different in strength and volume. And, in fact, we are dealing with projects. expression of fearbut. One will be strong, the other will be weak. This will be determined by the same parameters. The fact is that fear will in both. It will be destructive. If you have experienced it, it will be similar. Either constructive or destructive.

So that there is fear. There is …


No fear? Fear is there, but there is no brain&# 8230;

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