Nodia Bonfire: Survival in Extreme Cold

Nodia – This is a bit of a cold winter night under the open sky. To organize such a night, you need to make a lot of effort. But if you need it correctly.

It is important that you get in touch with the rest of the world. nodja It is considered that it has been properly installed and it has been properly installed.

It is a little bit more than that.

Construction and arrangement Nodja

For arrangement nodi thick logs of 2-3 meters length are used from coniferous deadwood. They ensure that they are even burning. The real nodja made from only two logs. Sometimes nodyu confused with the so-called hunting fires “stack” nodja, but of three, six or even fifteen trunks, depending on their thickness.

Hunting fire, unlike nodi, unstable, and therefore requires constant supervision of the fire. But we will not be confused nodyu from two logs.

Important points when building a node:

  • Firstly, it is important to consider that nude It will take 1-2 hours – this is not a simple matter. Therefore, it should be possible to estimate the available light time.
  • Secondly, you need a quality hatchet or a bow saw.
  • The third point is the correct choice of material for nodi.

The best option is a dry pine. You can also use poplar or aspen. The spruce is very difficult to ignite. It has been found that it is not dry, not hollow and not resinous. It should be noted. If the tip is broken, it’s getting there.

Where to begin?

So, a suitable tree was found. Camp site marked. For starters, we kindle a regular fire for cooking. Then it will help us quicken the fire. nodyu.

While the pot boils, we cut down the selected tree. Where the tree will fall. It is a little less than 6 cm. When felling trees, do not forget about the safety technique. It is necessary to bring down the tree.

Then we’ve been able to unload three parts. In the case of the night To nodi it should be at least 40 cm in diameter. 2-3 cm. Small campings will be placed later.

Now everything is ready for laying structures. Another important point – nodyu should be placed along the preferred wind direction. Because the bed (s) will be located along nodi. If the snow is deep – 1.5-2 meters, first flooring is done. Otherwise, in the process of burning, nodja will be unevenly submerged in the snow and can fall apart. For this, a few raw poles are laid across the future. nodi, logs are already placed nodja.

With flat, of course, upwards. Fix it with stakes or stones at the edges. On baldness, of course, down. At a distance of 30-40 cm from the edges of the logs we can see the transverse pollens or wedges with a diameter of about 8-10 centimeters. Thus, a fixed gap is obtained.

It is necessary to ensure that the whole structure is taken.

We have 3-4 small flames, for example, moss, bark, etc.

There is another trick. It can be reached both sides by a distance of 8–10 cm. It turns out that there is something that can be hot. This will help you to ignite the internal surfaces. nodi.

This is a distant fire chambers. As soon as the logs nodi It is possible to consider the construction of beds and screens.

Heat Transfer Level nodi regulated by the thickness of the gap. The optimum thickness is 5-6 cm. It will always change. At first, the upper ridge will rest on the edges. It is already formed in the internal gap of the coalition. From now on nodja becomes self-regulating and does not require further supervision.

However, in order to maintain a uniform flame during the preparatory stage is required. nodi. If you have any problems, nodja capricious and will not take place.

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