Nomad – original motorcycle and rifles

“I love to beat on the left when everyone is waiting for a forehand”

Says gurus custom bikes and weapons Jesse james. Not so long ago, he announced that he was going to break into the world of knives with his own company – Jesse James Knife Company (JJKC). And the leading model, already released and marketed, was announced model “NOMAD”, resurrecting old-school format of folding knives. According to James, this is only the first step of a company that is going to knock out a place for itself under the sun from other manufacturers. original knives (Editor’s note. He, of course, is a really good designer, but almost every third man calls his “knives” his knives, cannons and other equipment.)

Jesse James himself and one of his motorcyclesJesse James himself and one of his motorcycles

James and his team had a special look at Nomad. And he drew inspiration in some knives from his own collection, for example a knife. “Schrade”. Drawings of this model, produced in the eighties, and formed the basis for a new outline Nomad.

“In those days, these knives were called“ swing knives, ”and dagger-type blades were used to lighten their weight.”

Nomad continues this idea, only embodies it in the form of a four-inch (10 cm) tanto blade, made of AEB-L steel and provided with a titanium case.

In the closed state, the blade is stored completely inside the handle, and to extract it, you literally need to turn the knife inside out (classic frame knife). Such a mechanism for opening and fixing, according to James, helped eliminate the need for a clip for a knife weighing only 5 ounces (141 grams).

“It’s impossible to accidentally open this knife in your pocket — just by making targeted efforts.”

Jesse James, founder of West Coast Choppers, has achieved worldwide fame for his unique motorcycles, as well as filming themed TV shows. After that, he also started using custom weapons, so the transition to original knives was solely a matter of time

“I have always been interested in knives. I started with “Buck 124 Frontiersman“”.

The experience of making motorcycles gave James a special look at design.

“You can admire some of the constructive elements of the motorcycle, but not to be delighted with other details. But everything is wrong with a knife – it is either entirely aesthetically attractive or not. ”

Now, after releasing my first rather successful original knife, Jjkc begins to actively prepare for the following challenges.

“You have only seen the tip of the iceberg – we have a few more original ideas, the embodiment of which we are now actively engaged in.”

Over the next 6-7 months Jjkc is going to release at least one clumsy knife made from a single piece of high strength steel. As James himself states:

“A special automated system helps us in our work, which I have been working on for quite some time. So it won’t take long to wait. ”

Source – Bike and Gun Builder

What can I add? Buy this original knife can be for $ 300. That’s just … Let’s just say, it looks beautiful, the blade is reliable, but this vaunted “opening system” … Let’s just say, not everyone likes it. Very far from everyone. Some complain that there is no “fixation feeling”. Yes, look at the complex of movements that need to be performed to open this knife normally. Too many moving parts, the frame, although titanium, does not give a sense of reliability and durability. So for an amateur knife.

Steel arms

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